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Geico Insurance has unveiled a series of four new commercials that bring together its iconic Gecko mascot and actor Will Arnett for the first time. The ad “Frenemy” portrays the duo’s reluctant partnership while promoting various insurance products.

In the first ad, “Lost Dog,” Arnett and the Gecko help a couple find their missing dog, Fancy while highlighting Geico‘s long-standing history. The second ad, “Mums and Scones,” follows the pair as they assist a friend in moving into a new apartment and emphasize the convenience of Geico’s renter’s insurance. The third ad, “Hockey Ticket,” sees the duo attending a hockey game, enjoying snacks, and discussing bundling home and car insurance with Geico. Finally, the fourth ad, “Dinner Party,” showcases a dinner party where the Gecko and Arnett encounter each other. Arnett steals the Gecko’s line about the ease of obtaining home insurance through Geico.

Created by the Martin Agency and Framestore, these commercials depart from Geico’s traditional ads solely featuring the Gecko mascot. Adding Will Arnett alongside the Gecko offers a fresh perspective and injects humor into the campaign. The commercials are designed to emphasize Geico’s comprehensive insurance offerings beyond auto insurance, including renters and home insurance.

The “Frenemy” campaign is among the first to be launched by Geico’s new media agency, Mediabrands, which was selected in February after a five-month review. The ads will be broadcast on TV, streaming services, and social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok. Geico, owned by Berkshire Hathaway, was the most-advertised brand in the U.S. in 2021, with a media spend of over $1.4 billion.

Geico advert Lost Dog – Frenemy

GEICO ad 2023
GEICO ad 2023 – Lost Dog

When a couple loses their dog, Fancy, the Gecko’s frenemy finds her AND tells them how GEICO has been around for over 85 years…the Gecko is ok with this. It’s fine

Will Arnett as himself
Jake Wood as the Gecko
Andrew Anthony as AVO
Devin Mroz as Will Arnett Body Double
Benni Latham as Cindy
Rolando Boyce as Greg
Toby as Fancy the Dog

Geico advert Mums and Scones

GEICO advert 2023
GEICO advert 2023 Mums and Scones

The gecko helps a friend move into his new apartment, but he is not thrilled with his frenemy’s Gecko impression. Good thing GEICO makes renters insurance easy, no matter how you say it.

Will Arnett as himself
Jake Wood as the Gecko
Andrew Anthony as AVO
Devin Mroz as Will Arnett Body Double
David Todman as Dan
Jazz Aguon as Friend
Laura Wilcox as Friend
Vladimir Versailles as Friend

Geico advert Hockey Ticket

Will Arnett Geico advert 2023
Will Arnett Geico advert 2023 Hockey Ticket

The gecko and his frenemy get a bundle of snacks at a hockey game. And then the frenemy overexplains bundling home and car insurance with GEICO.

Will Arnett as himself
Jake Wood as the Gecko
Andrew Anthony as AVO
Devin Mroz as Will Arnett Body Double
Charlie McCrackin as Snack Seller
Mark Berglund as Dex/Hockey Player
Anosh McAdam as Jaxon/Hockey Player
Pinky Jones as Hockey Fan
Charlie Burg as Hockey Fan
Bernard Gilbert, as Hockey Fan
Eric Myrick, as Hockey Fan
Antoinette E. Walker as Hockey Fan

Geico advert Dinner Party

Will Arnett Geico ad
Will Arnett Geico ad Dinner Party

The Gecko runs into an old frenemy at a Dinner party. And that frenemy also steals the Gecko’s
the line about how GEICO makes home insurance easy?

Will Arnett as himself
Jake Wood as the Gecko
Andrew Anthony as AVO
Devin Mroz as Will Arnett Body Double
Tiffany Snow as Tina/Hostess
Tom Lenk as Party Guest
Sharmila Devar as Party Guest
Jackie Tohn as Party Guest”

Geico Ad analyze


  • Celebrity Appeal: Featuring Will Arnett alongside the Gecko mascot brings a new dimension to Geico’s advertising efforts, attracting fans of the actor and increasing brand visibility.
  • Diverse Insurance Offerings: The ads emphasize Geico’s comprehensive range of insurance products, moving beyond auto insurance and highlighting home and renters insurance.
  • Humor and Relatability: The interactions between Will Arnett and the Gecko provide a humorous touch to the ads, making them more engaging and relatable for viewers.


  • Overemphasis on Celebrity: The inclusion of Will Arnett could potentially overshadow Geico’s core message, with viewers focusing more on the actor than the insurance offerings.
  • Lost Humor: While the ads aim to be humorous, some viewers might find the new series less amusing than previous Geico campaigns, leading to decreased interest and engagement.
  • Overused Formula: The Frenemy concept may be perceived as unoriginal or cliché by some, diminishing the overall impact and novelty of the campaign.
  • Short-term Appeal: Featuring a celebrity like Will Arnett could give the ads a limited shelf life, as the humor and relevance may wane once the initial excitement surrounding the actor’s appearance fades.


The new Geico commercials starring Will Arnett and the Gecko mascot bring humor and a celebrity touch to the insurance brand’s advertising efforts. Geico aims to appeal to a wider audience through this innovative approach while emphasizing its diverse insurance offerings.



Good execution

Heart or Humor8.0
Reader Rating: ( 3 votes ) 4.9

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