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GEICO Insurance re-runs the advert named Ickey Shuffle. The ad features the former pro football star Ickey Woods.

The message is “Now get your knees warm and your deli meats cold, because it’s time for a little Ickey Shuffle lesson. Here’s what to do when your team scores…

  1. Get some cold cuts.
  2. Shuffle twice on right side.
  3. Shuffle twice on left side.
  4. Shuffle twice on right side.
  5. Hop twice on right foot.
  6. Raise cold cuts overhead and spike ‘em with authority!”

Andrew Anthony as AVO
Paul Schackman as Dentist
Corey Parker as Patient
Frank Gerrish as Butcher
Jenifer Kenyon as Customer 1
Roz Browne as Customer 2
Elbert “Ickey” Woods as himself

The GEICO Ickey Shuffle advert music is “Coconut Cocktail”

GEICO Ickey Shuffle Elbert Ickey Woods
GEICO Ickey Shuffle advert features Elbert Ickey Woods



I smile.

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  1. You’re apparently new to television. The Ickey Woods commercial is a re-run, well over a year old. I’m surprised and disappointed to see it again. I’m surprised because large companies don’t usually recycle old ads…they spend their advertising budgets filming new ones with whoever is hot in Hollywood at the moment. And I’m disappointed, because it is one of Geico’s more nauseatingly STUPID commercials! It makes me sick watching that idiot chimping around in the grocery store like that!

    1. Wilmer, buddy, it’s old, but I think it’s still one of the best commercials out there. It’s even better than watching curling.

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