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Turkish Airlines Super Bowl commercial is also its new global advertising campaign which began production in September 2021.

The campaign was shot on location in Istanbul and New York. Centered around the concept of Pangea, the super-continent that existed millions of years ago, the campaign stars Morgan Freeman narrating a captivating, inspiring message of reconnecting people and worlds. Turkish Airlines once again commissioned renowned actor and narrator Morgan Freeman, who was featured in the Turkish Airlines Super Bowl commercial in 2017. Rather than serving solely as an endorsing celebrity, Freeman lends his unrivaled talent to the production, captivating audiences with his strong narrative presence and iconic voice. In addition, to live-action footage, the commercial also features computer-generated animation scenes that depict continents and landmasses reconnecting to illustrate Pangea in an arresting and visual way.

Morgan Freeman Turkish Airlines Super Bowl commercial
Morgan Freeman stars in the Turkish Airlines Super Bowl commercial.

What is Pangea?
Approximately 250 million years ago, the continents of the earth were a single continent called Pangea. This ancient “supercontinent” was surrounded by ocean. Scientists believe that Pangea was not the first supercontinent in the earth’s history – and that it will not be the last.

According to scientists, the massive Pangea landmass was broken apart by tectonic plate motion and mantle convection forces. The supercontinent eventually separated into two landmasses, called Gondwana and Laurasia, which subsequently shifted to form the existing continents of Antarctica, South and North America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe.



An excellent ad.

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