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Old Spice ad 2023 Meets The Witcher: A Whiff of Magic in Advertising

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In an era where advertisements are often skipped or ignored, Old Spice has managed to create a commercial that captures attention and tickles the funny bone. Released in June 2023, Old Spice’s latest commercial is a delightful crossover with Netflix’s popular TV series, The Witcher. This article delves into the elements that make this commercial a standout and examines how it effectively marries the worlds of fantasy and personal care.

Old Spice ad 2023 Meets The Witcher
Old Spice ad 2023 Meets The Witcher

A Match Made in a Magical World

Based on the book series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher has been a sensation since its debut on Netflix in 2019. Its rich fantasy world, intriguing characters, and captivating plotlines have garnered a massive following. Old Spice, known for its humorous and often bizarre commercials, saw an opportunity for a perfect partnership.

The commercial begins with a narration that sets the stage: “In the time of the Witcher, they didn’t have the fresh scents of Old Spice. But they had magical visions, which is almost as good.” This clever introduction immediately bridges the gap between the grimy, medieval world of The Witcher and the modern, fresh world of Old Spice.

Old Spice ad Meets The Witcher
Old Spice ad Meets The Witcher

A Vision of Freshness

Canadian actor Jeremy Crawford, reprising his role as the dwarven warrior Yarpen Zigrin from The Witcher, is the star of this commercial. He is depicted in a magical vision, indulging in the “freshness” of Old Spice’s shower gel & shampoo. The scene is both fantastical and hilarious, as Yarpen, known for his ruggedness, is seen enjoying his dreamy smell while gallantly riding the pure white unicorn, Ihuarraquax. The character having this vision is Ciri, played by British actress Freya Allan, adding another layer of humor as it contrasts her usually severe demeanor.

Nostalgia and Continuity

Interestingly, this is not the first collaboration between Old Spice and The Witcher. In December 2021, an “Ode to Smell” commercial was released, which gained popularity as it anticipated the release of Season 2 of The Witcher. This continuity creates a sense of nostalgia and connection for the fans who have followed the series and the brand.

The Witcher’s Popularity

The Witcher’s popularity cannot be understated. It has become a cultural phenomenon with a fanbase that spans books, video games, and the Netflix series. Henry Cavill, who portrays the main character Geralt of Rivia, has gained a special aura of popularity through the series. Old Spice taps into a ready audience by associating with such a beloved franchise.

Humor as a Tool

One of the most significant aspects of this commercial is its humor. Old Spice has always been known for its quirky and funny advertisements, and this one is no exception. The absurdity of a rugged dwarf from a grim fantasy world enjoying the modern luxuries of a scented shower gel is inherently funny. This humor makes the commercial memorable and shareable, a golden ticket in advertising.

Fan Appreciation

Fans of The Witcher have widely appreciated the commercial. It pays homage to the series while adding its twist. The attention to detail, the characters, and the clever use of a magical vision make it a hit among the audience.


  • Engaging Content: The Old Spice commercial effectively uses humor and fantasy elements, making it engaging and entertaining, likely capturing the audience’s attention.
  • Tapping into an Existing Fanbase: By collaborating with The Witcher, Old Spice taps into the series’ massive fanbase. This can lead to increased brand visibility and potentially higher sales.
  • Memorability: The absurdity and humor in the commercial make it memorable. This unique advertisement makes People more likely to remember and talk about the Old Spice brand.


  • Niche Audience: The commercial heavily relies on The Witcher theme, which might not resonate with people unfamiliar with or fans of the series.
  • Distraction from the Product: The entertaining content might overshadow the actual product. Viewers might remember the commercial for its humor but forget what product it was advertising.
  • High Expectations for Future Campaigns: With such a successful and well-received commercial, Old Spice might face high expectations for future advertising campaigns, which could be challenging.


Old Spice’s commercial is a masterclass in advertising. It combines humor, fantasy, and clever marketing to create a memorable and engaging advertisement. Partnering with a beloved series like The Witcher ensures a broad reach. The commercial respects the source material while adding its brand of humor, making it a winner in the eyes of fans and casual viewers alike.

Old Spice has managed to stand out in a world where consumers are bombarded with advertisements. This commercial is not just an advertisement for a product; it is a short, entertaining skit that brings joy. It’s a breath of fresh, scented air in the often stale world of commercials.

The collaboration between Old Spice and The Witcher is a testament to the power of creative advertising. It shows that advertisements don’t have to be mundane or purely informational. They can be entertaining, engaging, and even magical.

In summary, Old Spice’s Witcher-themed commercial is a triumph in advertising. It’s a perfect blend of humor, fantasy, and clever marketing that respects its audience and celebrates the series it draws inspiration from. In doing so, it doesn’t just sell a product; it creates an experience. And in advertising, that’s as magical as a ride on a unicorn.

Old Spice ad 2023 Meets The Witcher
Old Spice ad 2023 Meets The Witcher

Old Spice ad 2023 The Witcher viewers comments

The Old Spice commercial that humorously integrates the world of The Witcher has garnered a plethora of reactions from viewers. Here’s a breakdown of some of the comments:

  1. Appreciation for Creativity and Humor:
    • @Invesionboy praises the commercial as possibly the greatest thing to come out of the Netflix Witcher series.
    • @Honor.DreamsCODM humorously mentions that they “died inside and came back for this masterpiece.”
    • @chriscrawford finds the commercial extremely funny and fantastic.
    • @Gozar welcomes Old Spice back, appreciating that their ads are funny again.
  2. Attention-Grabbing:
    • @hauntedmedic7 acknowledges that Old Spice commercials keep getting better at keeping their attention.
    • @user-lwsuhhw asserts that this is the only way to do a commercial.
  3. Recognition of the Actor:
    • @tobisomeone7 informs others that the actor in the commercial is Jeremy Crawford, who plays Yarpen in The Witcher.
  4. References and Comparisons:
    • @gilangsetyawibawa draws comparisons between elements in the commercial and various other performances and characters.
    • @Mooseormeese questions if the guy on the horse looks exactly like Jacksepticeye.
    • @loganwright7 asks if the character is the Dwarven Barbarian from the Dungeon and Dragon movie.
    • @BigBoyCarlos wonders why the song in the commercial sounds so familiar.
    • @RPGPINAS inquires if the same band from The Witcher game was used in the commercial.
  5. Mixed Reactions:
    • @fahummuharib7 expresses confusion about what they just watched.
    • @EdwardStarskittles mentions enjoying Old Spice but disapproves of the show it’s promoting.
    • @galaxyenternal7 bluntly states that Old Spice sucks.
  6. Emotional Reactions to Characters and Elements:
    • @VidelicetMoi humorously contemplates using Old Spice so that flowers would sing to them.
    • @caydensmith highlights the singing flower in the commercial.
    • @sala7 questions why the singing flower was harmed as it sang its heart out.
    • @thedrunkaxolotl exclaims, “THAT FLOWER-”.
  7. Engagement and Aspirations:
    • @jacobo77, a young actor, expresses the desire to be in an Old Spice commercial to represent that people of all ages can use Old Spice.
    • @GabrielStudios anticipates that the commercial will go viral and is excited to have seen it early.
  8. Short and Simple Reactions:
    • @antoniocerrillo simply reacts with “BRAVAAAAA ????????????.”
    • @andreecija7 and @playboy7 express their love for the commercial with heart emojis.
    • @senormrman and @mattpdiaz have a short exchange with “Yes” and “What?”.
    • @aralashbael7 reacts with “hahaha. lovely.”
  9. Critique of Previous Ads:
    • @mlpaap mentions that Old Spice had a few bad ads before this one.
    • @nyrisj and @IRONHEART discuss not finding previous ads, especially one with an abusive marriage joke, funny.

Overall, the Old Spice commercial has elicited a wide range of reactions from viewers, with many appreciating its humor and creativity. The integration of The Witcher theme has been well-received, especially among fans of the series. The commercial has also sparked conversations and comparisons to other characters and elements. While most comments are positive, there are a few critiques and mixed reactions. The commercial has succeeded in engaging the audience and creating a buzz on social media.




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