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Revolutionizing Travel with AI

Virgin Voyages, the cruise line under the Virgin Group umbrella, has recently launched an innovative campaign that combines the allure of celebrity with the cutting-edge technology of Artificial Intelligence. The campaign, titled Jen AI, features none other than the superstar Jennifer Lopez, who holds the title of Chief Celebration Officer for Virgin Voyages.

The Concept

The Jen AI campaign encourages people to celebrate special occasions with a Virgin Voyages cruise. The campaign allows users to create personalized invitations for their friends and family, featuring an AI-powered virtual version of Jennifer Lopez. The concept is simple yet ingenious: who can say no to an invitation from JLo?

Virgin Voyages advert Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez stars in Virgin Voyages advert

The Execution

The campaign was launched with a commercial that begins with Jennifer Lopez reclining and inviting viewers in a seductive voice to join her on a Virgin Voyage as the Chief Celebration Officer. However, a glitch reveals that the person on screen is not Jennifer Lopez but an AI version named Jen AI. The ad humorously portrays the AI ​​going through hiccups as it is revealed that the character is being controlled by a man named Kyle. The ad is engaging and funny, effectively introducing the Jen AI tool.

The Technology

Jen AI is a play on words for ‘generative AI’, a class of AI tools that produce content in response to user inputs. Users can visit the Virgin Voyages website and answer questions about what they would like to celebrate, where they would like to travel, and who they want to set sail with. The AI ​​then generates a personalized invitation featuring Jennifer Lopez’s likeness, which can be emailed to the intended guests.

The Partnership

The campaign builds on a partnership between Virgin Voyages and Jennifer Lopez, which began in 2021. As part of this partnership, Jennifer Lopez has been involved in various aspects of the Virgin Voyages experience, from sailor experience development to design collaborations and entertainment. She has also influenced major onboard events and special cruises, including the Limitless Voyage in April 2023.

The Impact

The campaign comes at a time when leisure travel is rebounding after the pandemic. People are eager to celebrate life’s special moments they may have missed in the past few years. By combining the star power of Jennifer Lopez with innovative AI technology, Virgin Voyages is positioning itself as the ultimate choice for celebration travel.

Final Thoughts about Virgin Voyages ad 2023

The Jen AI campaign by Virgin Voyages is a masterstroke in marketing. It combines celebrity allure, humor, and cutting-edge technology to create an engaging and memorable campaign. Not only does it promote the Virgin Voyages brand, but it also taps into the current zeitgeist of celebration and making up for lost time. This campaign is likely to resonate with a wide audience and could set a new trend in how travel companies engage with their customers.


  • Innovative Engagement: The campaign’s use of AI technology to create personalized invitations with a celebrity likeness is innovative and engaging, likely to attract attention and interest from a broad audience.
  • Celebrity Appeal: Featuring Jennifer Lopez, a global superstar, adds high appeal and credibility to the campaign. Her involvement as the Chief Celebration Officer can enhance the brand image and attract her fanbase.
  • Timely and Relevant: Launching the campaign at a time when people are eager to travel and celebrate after the pandemic is strategic. It taps into the current consumer mindset and caters to the demand for celebration travel.


  • Technical Limitations: As an AI-based tool, Jen AI might face technical issues or glitches which could affect user experience. Moreover, the AI-generated likeness of Jennifer Lopez may not always be perfect.
  • Over-reliance on Celebrity: The campaign heavily relies on Jennifer Lopez’s star power. If, for any reason, her image takes a hit, it could negatively impact the campaign and, by extension, the brand.
  • Niche Appeal: The campaign’s focus on celebration travel might not appeal to all demographics. Those looking for a more tranquil or different travel experience might not find the campaign relatable.

Virgin Voyages ad 2023 reactions

The Virgin Voyages ad campaign featuring the AI tool Jen A.I. has garnered a plethora of viewer comments that reflect a largely positive reception. Here’s a breakdown of the viewers’ comments:

  1. Humor and Entertainment: Many viewers, such as @carlymeredithhedge57, @alee77, and @adrianoc5, found the ad hilarious and entertaining. The humor seems to have struck a chord with the audience, making the ad memorable and engaging.
  2. Appreciation for No Kids Policy: Several viewers, including @larrypuckett7 and @SohoDVF, expressed enthusiasm for the cruise line’s policy of not allowing kids on board. This aspect was highlighted as a selling point for some viewers who are looking for a more adult-oriented vacation experience.
  3. Praise for Casting: The casting, especially of Danielle Pinnock, was highly praised by viewers like @rwashington and @themoom5. They appreciated the talent and believed that the actors added value to the commercial.
  4. Love for Jennifer Lopez: Comments from @shein and others reflect a love for Jennifer Lopez, who is a central figure in the ad. Her star power and popularity are evident in the comments.
  5. Appreciation for Creativity and Innovation: Viewers like @thatthislv and @creativeinking applauded the creativity and innovation behind using AI in the ad. They found the concept of Jen A.I. to be clever and a fresh take in advertising.
  6. Critique on Execution: While the concept was widely appreciated, @WheresWalterTravel pointed out that the execution of the Jen A.I. tool could have been better. They mentioned issues with audio quality and the stitching of scenes, suggesting that there is room for improvement in the technical aspects.
  7. Excitement for Cruising: Comments like “Virgin is the best!!!!!????” from @juliannadoran and “Can’t wait ’til it’s my turn to be a rock star!” from @Murf reflect excitement and positive sentiment towards Virgin Voyages as a cruise line.
  8. Speculation on Technology: @dietrichdietrich77 speculated on the technology behind the ad, mentioning terms like mocap and deep fakes, indicating that some viewers are curious about the technical aspects of the campaign.

In summary, the Virgin Voyages ad campaign has been well-received for its humor, creativity, and casting. While there is some critique on the execution, the overall sentiment is positive, with viewers expressing excitement for the cruise and appreciation for the innovative use of AI.



Jennifer Lopez and AI.

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