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In an age where convenience is king, online supermarket Ocado has launched a new advertising campaign that combines humor with the practicality of online grocery shopping. The campaign, created by Phillip Meyler and Darren Keff, and directed by the duo known as (Dylan Southern Will Lovelace) through Anonymous Content, showcases how Ocado allows customers to add items to their shopping basket whenever inspiration strikes, eliminating the need for a traditional, time-consuming trip to the grocery store.

A Fresh Approach to Advertising

The campaign employs light humor to depict everyday scenarios where the ease of adding items to an Ocado shopping basket comes in handy. In the opening scene, viewers are introduced to a mother seemingly capturing her child’s performance in a school play through her phone’s camera. The child is dressed as a lamb, and as the mother proudly records the moment, she catches the eye of another mum. Initially, it appears that the other mum is also recording the play, but the twist reveals that she is adding mint sauce to her Ocado shopping trolley, humorously suggesting that the sight of the lamb costume reminded her to purchase the sauce.

In another amusing scene, a life-drawing student is shown in the middle of a class. Instead of being engrossed in sketching, he is seen adding cocktail sausages to his Ocado basket. This scene humorously highlights that with Ocado, you can shop for groceries even in the most unexpected situations.

The Convenience Factor

This campaign stands out because of its relatability and the way it emphasizes the convenience of online shopping. In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to add items to a shopping basket on the go is not just a luxury but a necessity for many. Ocado understands that inspiration or the realization that you need something can strike at any moment, and through this campaign, it positions itself as the go-to solution for those moments.

Funny Ocado commercial 2023
Funny Ocado commercial 2023


Ocado’s new advertising campaign is fresh air in grocery shopping advertisements. Using humor and relatable scenarios effectively communicates the convenience and flexibility of shopping with Ocado. The campaign is likely to resonate with a wide audience, especially those who value the ability to manage their grocery shopping efficiently and on their terms. In a market increasingly moving towards online solutions, Ocado’s humorous take on the modern shopping experience is timely and engaging.

Funny Ocado advert 2023
Funny Ocado advert 2023


  • Relatable Content: The campaign uses everyday scenarios relatable to the audience, making it easier for viewers to connect with the brand and understand the convenience of using Ocado for online grocery shopping.
  • Humor as a Tool: Light humor makes the advertisement engaging and memorable. It’s an intelligent way to keep viewers entertained while effectively delivering the brand’s message.
  • Emphasis on Convenience: By showcasing the ease of adding items to the shopping basket at any moment, the campaign effectively highlights the convenience of online shopping, which is a significant selling point for many consumers.


  • Niche Audience: The scenarios, such as a school play and a life drawing class, might not resonate with everyone. Some viewers might find them too specific and not see themselves in these situations.
  • Potential Distraction: The humor and scenarios might distract some viewers from the campaign’s core message. Some might remember the funny scenes but not associate them with the convenience of shopping at Ocado.
  • Lack of Product Focus: The campaign doesn’t showcase the range of products available on Ocado. For those unfamiliar with the brand, it might not be clear what kind of items they can expect to find in the online supermarket.
Funny Ocado ad 2023
Funny Ocado ad 2023




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