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Simplii Financial Ad 2023 – Start Your Engines

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Simplii Financial, a unit of CIBC, has recently launched an audacious advertising campaign that is as visually striking as it is emotionally engaging. The “Start Your Engines” campaign is part of a new brand platform called “Bank on the Now.” It aims to resonate with the digitally savvy DIYers who seek simplicity and control over their finances.

The Ad Campaign

The advertisement, created by Broken Heart Love Affair, is shot in black and white and features a series of scenarios where individuals (and even a greyhound) are on the verge of unleashing pent-up energy. The scenes depict the “near-suspended animation that precedes action,” symbolizing the idea that change and creation happen in the present moment.

One of the scenes shows a man seemingly pulling back an enormous slingshot, with close-ups of his face straining with effort. Another scene features a young woman standing outside as smoke billows from her feet, accompanied by screeching tires. The energy building in each scene is abruptly interrupted by a cut to Simplii Financial’s vibrant new logo, followed by the campaign tagline, “START YOUR ENGINES.”

The campaign aims to convey the excitement of the “ignition moment” when someone is about to take action. BHLA creative director Spencer Ryan, who developed the campaign with his creative partner Jordan Hamer, said, “We wanted to bring that moment of ignition when you make a change… It’s an approach designed to make people feel instead of rationalize their banking experience.”

Simplii Financial commercial 2023 - Start Your Engines
Simplii Financial commercial 2023 – Start Your Engines

A Bold Visual Identity

Simplii Financial has also undergone a visual transformation with a color scheme that is anything but typical for a bank. The new visual identity employs a bold combination of magenta, green, and black. Tammy Sadinsky, CIBC’s senior vice president of brand and marketing, mentioned that the color scheme is intended to be “thumb-stopping” and set the brand apart in the digital world.

The choice of colors was data-informed, based on consumer feedback. Christian Exshaw, managing director, and head of CIBC Global Markets and Direct Financial Services, said, “Our new look brings energy, optimism, and a sense of urgency. Clients can expect to see this change come to life through our brand and our approach to innovation.”

Simplii Financial Ad 2023 dog black white
Simplii Financial Ad 2023 dog black white

The Takeaway

Simplii Financial’s “Start Your Engines” campaign is a refreshing take on banking advertisements. It combines visual storytelling with emotional engagement to connect with a generation that values immediacy and control. The bold new visual identity reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and its desire to stand out in a crowded market.

As Simplii Financial continues to build on its ambition to be a direct banking leader, this campaign serves as a strong statement of its brand philosophy and a call to action for consumers to take control of their financial present for a better future.

The campaign was launched on June 15 and included a 60-second anchor spot running across digital and social platforms, complemented by programmatic and display ads and out-of-home advertisements.

Simplii Financial Ad 2023 - Start Your Engines
Simplii Financial Ad 2023 – Start Your Engines


  • Emotional Engagement: The ad campaign effectively uses visual storytelling to create an emotional connection with the audience. Focusing on the “ignition moment” resonates with action-oriented individuals who value immediacy.
  • Distinctive Visual Identity: The bold color scheme of magenta, green, and black sets Simplii Financial apart from traditional banking brands. This “thumb-stopping” visual identity is likely to capture attention in the digital space.
  • Inclusiveness of Real People: Featuring real people in the advertisement adds an element of relatability and authenticity. It makes the message more inclusive and appealing to a broader audience.


  • Lack of Clear Information: While the ad is visually engaging, it might not provide enough information about the banking services and products offered by Simplii Financial. Some viewers might find it unclear what the ad is promoting.
  • Abrupt Transitions: The abrupt cut from the black and white scenes to the brightly colored Simplii Financial logo might be jarring for some viewers. The transition could have been smoother to maintain the flow of the ad.
  • Overemphasis on Visuals: The ad’s heavy reliance on visuals and aesthetics might overshadow the core message. Some viewers might remember the visuals but not the brand or the services it offers.

Start Your Engines


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