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Royal Air Force Ad 2023

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The Royal Air Force (RAF) has launched an impressive new recruitment campaign, “The Force Protecting Space”, to highlight the diverse range of professions available within the RAF. The campaign, created by the creative collective House 337, is set to run for three months and was launched during the much-anticipated Formula 1 international racing competition.

The campaign’s centerpiece is a gripping 60-second film that showcases the RAF’s role in the emerging field of space protection. The film features actual RAF personnel and is set in a high-tech control room where a team monitors the UK’s assets in space. The film captures the excitement and energy of a career in the RAF, especially given its emerging role in space defense.

The film opens with a tense scene where a team leader conveys urgent information about a potential satellite collision with space debris. The film then transitions to various high-pressure situations handled by different RAF teams, from logistics to medical to flight operations. The film culminates in a dramatic climax where RAF jets clear the airspace, and the leader in Space Command successfully moves a satellite away from a potential collision.

Royal Air Force Ad 2023 airpane
Royal Air Force Ad 2023 -the airplanes

The campaign also includes out-of-home, digital, and social creative, inviting people to discover more about “the force protecting space”. The campaign’s art direction uses the RAF colors of red and blue to continue the cinematic, almost futuristic, aesthetic.

The campaign is part of the RAF’s efforts to increase awareness about the wide range of professions that can be pursued within the RAF. It aims to show that every role within the RAF plays a vital part in forming the team that protects us from unexpected threats.

The campaign is a testament to the RAF‘s commitment to innovation and readiness to tackle future challenges. It’s a call to action for those ready to join the force protecting space and contribute to the RAF’s mission.

Royal Air Force Ad 2023
Royal Air Force Ad 2023 – the Space Command

Royal Air Force Ad 2023 Pros:

  • The campaign effectively highlights the RAF’s role in the emerging field of space protection, a little-known aspect of its remit.
  • Using actual RAF personnel in the film adds authenticity and credibility to the campaign.
  • The campaign’s multi-channel approach ensures a broad reach, increasing its potential impact.

Royal Air Force Ad 2023 Cons:

  • The campaign’s focus on space protection might overshadow the RAF’s other roles and responsibilities.
  • The cinematic and futuristic aesthetic of the campaign, while visually appealing, might not resonate with all audiences.
  • The campaign’s success in attracting recruits will depend on its ability to convey the excitement and energy of a career in the RAF, which might be challenging to achieve through a film.
Royal Air Force Ad 2023 cook
Royal Air Force Ad 2023- the cook

Royal Air Force ad 2023 Viewers Reactions

The Royal Air Force’s (RAF) latest recruitment campaign, “The Force Protecting Space,” has sparked a flurry of public reactions, ranging from praise and admiration to skepticism and critique. The campaign, created by House 337, aims to highlight the RAF’s role in space protection and the diverse career opportunities within the force. However, the public’s response to the campaign has been as varied as the roles the RAF offers.

Many viewers appreciated the campaign’s cinematic quality and the spotlight it shone on the RAF’s lesser-known responsibilities. Some comments reflected admiration for the RAF and the campaign’s epic feel. One user, @juliahiller0, expressed their love for the RAF, while another, @andrescamiloaldanagalvis, found the campaign epic, even though they didn’t fully understand it.

However, not all reactions were positive. Some viewers questioned the realism of the campaign. User @markusburkhard commented, “Looks cool and all that, the problem is it doesn’t match reality at all.” Similarly, @MrMickclayton criticized the campaign for being too “Hollywood,” suggesting it didn’t accurately represent the RAF’s work.

The campaign’s depiction of various roles within the RAF, from space command to culinary crew, also sparked discussion. Some viewers appreciated the visibility given to roles like the culinary crew, with @TonyEllen0 stating, “Really appreciate the visibility of the culinary crew. They are undoubtedly the fuel source for the military machine.” However, others, like @jjsmallpiece, criticized the portrayal of the cooks, suggesting that their meals were subpar.

The campaign also discussed the RAF’s recruitment and admissions practices. User @clecklass expressed hope that the RAF had abandoned any discriminatory practices in admissions, emphasizing the importance of having the best people to defend the country. Meanwhile, @JosephVonBlingin suggested that the RAF pay their chefs more if they struggled with recruitment in that area.

The choice of aircraft used in the campaign was another point of contention. User @mightydestroyer00 questioned why the RAF used F-35s in the campaign instead of aircraft more commonly associated with British engineerings, like the Typhoon or the Tornado.

The RAF’s “The Force Protecting Space” campaign has sparked a lively discussion among viewers. The varied reactions highlight the challenges of creating a campaign that accurately represents the diverse roles within the RAF while also appealing to a broad audience. As the RAF continues its recruitment efforts, it will be interesting to see how it addresses these critiques and suggestions.

Royal Air Force ad 2023 Credits

Executive Creative Director Jo Moore
Creative Director Christopher Ringsell
Art Director Jack Tibbs
Copywriter Michael Arthey
Visual Design Creative Director: PK
Chief Strategy Officer Matt Rhodes
Strategy Director Simon Butcher
Head of Account Management Richard Williams
Account Director Olivia Conroy
Account Manager Kelly Mahon
Project Director Cathy Buchanan
Agency Senior Producer Tash Dean
Production Co Stink Films
Director Tom Green
Production Co MD Andrew Levene
Exec Producer Blake Powell
Producer Sara Nouman
Production Manager Alice Evans
Production Assistant Thomas Bergman
Location Manager Mike Baldock
1st AD Justin Travers
2nd AD Ellysha Elgon-smith
Runner Joe Heap
DoP Joe Cook
Focus Puller Alasdair Baines
2nd AC Ernie Griffiths
Video Playback Natasha Farrar
DIT Leon Murphy
Sound Recordist Daniel Brosnan
Tracking Vehicle Head Tech Jody St John White
Crane Tech Tim Dean
2nd Grip Johnny Donne
Trainee Drivers Miles Young, Connor Hartdige
Bickers Ben Kerry
B-Unit DOP Alistair King
B-Unit Focus Puller Lawrence Beckwith
Gaffer Ben Millar
Electricians Mark Leeming, Joey Rogers, Bruce Melhuish
Production Designer Bobbie Cousins
Prop Stylist Frederika Hodgkinson
Prop Master Simon Morrissey
Props Transport Samuel Noble
Casting Director Claire Curry
Medic Lee Tait
Edit Trim
Editor James Forbes Robertson
Edit Producer Pia Ebrill
Post Production Time Based Arts
Post CD James Allen, Mike Skrgatic
Post Producer Tom Manton
Post-shoot Supervisor Pete Smith
2D Lead Sheldon Gardner
2D Artists Gary Driver, James Pratt, Jack Stone, Giles Hicks, Olivia O’Neil, Ralph Briscoe
3D Lead Ian Baird
3D Artists Maxime Ponsart, Daniel Kmet, Joe Ibbett, Ihor Obukhovskyi, Ogi Vukovic, Oliver Lemery, Jordan Coles
Digital Matte Painting Lee Matthews
Colourist Simone Grattarola, Max Ferguson Hook
Sound House Sine
Sound Design Phil Bolland
Sound Producer Julian Marshall
Composer Walter Mair

OOH & Social
Photographer Rick Guest
Digital Operator Zoe Salt
Photo Assistant Frankie Lodge
Producer Hermione Russell
Production Assistant Emma Sweeney
DoP Ollie Dahmen
1st AC Tom Clapson
Gaffer Richard Scott
Desk Op Eddie Cook
DIT Elliott Chyi
Grip Ed Livesey
Stylist Lucy Walker
Groomer Julie Thomas
Groomer Assistant Angele Hersant

Media planning Wavemaker
Media buying MG OMD



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