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E.ON ad 2023 – Melting Ice and Singing Hearts

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E.ON UK, a prominent energy and sustainable solutions provider, has launched a powerful campaign titled ‘It’s Time’ that addresses the urgency of the climate crisis. The campaign, created by House 337, is compelling in its message and its approach to production, which was meticulously planned to minimize its carbon footprint.

The 60-second advert aired across TV and Cinema in the UK uses striking CGI to depict individuals in various climate crisis scenarios such as melting ice caps, flooded streets, tornadoes, and burning forests. Interestingly, the characters nonchalantly sing lines from Irma Thomas’s ‘Time Is On My Side’, seemingly oblivious to the chaos around them. This changes when one woman realizes the gravity of the situation, symbolizing the awakening that society needs.

What sets this campaign apart is the sustainable approach taken in its production. House 337 ensured that the carbon impact was considered at every stage. The advert was filmed in solar-powered studios, used responsibly sourced wardrobes and recycled water tanks, and minimized travel and attendees. Moreover, the entire production’s carbon footprint was calculated, and any remaining carbon output was offset.

Melting Ice and Singing Hearts EON commercial
Forest Fire and Singing Hearts EON commercial

Additionally, the advert showcases E.ON’s sustainable technology offerings, such as solar panels, EV chargers, and air source heat pumps, against nature-filled backgrounds. This promotes E.ON’s products and paints a picture of the positive future that can be achieved through sustainable energy solutions.

Melting Ice and Singing Hearts EON advert 2023
Melting Ice and Singing Hearts EON advert 2023


  • Strong Visuals: Using CGI to create realistic climate crisis scenarios is visually striking and captures the audience’s attention.
  • Sustainable Production: The commitment to minimizing carbon footprint during production sets a precedent for the advertising industry.
  • Clear Message: The contrast between the nonchalant singing and the escalating climate crisis effectively communicates the issue’s urgency.


  • Complexity: Some viewers might find the CGI scenarios too complex or overwhelming.
  • Relatability: The nonchalant attitude of characters might not resonate with everyone, as some people are already deeply concerned about the climate crisis.
  • Focus on Products: While showcasing E.ON’s products is essential, it could have been integrated more seamlessly into the narrative.
Melting Ice and Singing Hearts EON commercial
Forest Fire and Singing Hearts EON commercial



Good CGI

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