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Bud Light, a brand synonymous with American beer, recently launched what it claims to be its biggest summer campaign ever, titled “Easy to Summer.” This is a strategic move to rebound from a recent controversy involving the brand’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The campaign, an extension of Bud Light’s “Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy” platform, aims to capture the essence of summer through a 60-second spot and several promotions.

Bud Light ad 2023

The “Easy to Summer” commercial is a 60-second spot that features traditional American summer imagery such as coolers, fridges filled with Bud Light, and comical party fouls. The commercial is set to the classic disco song “Good Times” by Chic, and portrays the ease of enjoying summer with an ice-cold Bud Light. The ad is part of a larger campaign that includes Bud Light’s largest media spend to date, giveaways, and the Bud Light Backyard Tour concerts.


  • Nostalgic Appeal: Using the classic song “Good Times” and traditional summer imagery creates a sense of nostalgia, which can effectively attract consumers who associate Bud Light with good times.
  • Engagement with Consumers: The campaign’s giveaways and the chance to win tickets to the Bud Light Backyard Tour concerts engage consumers and create positive brand experiences.
  • Diverse Marketing Channels: By utilizing TV, social media, and live concerts, Bud Light is reaching a broad audience and reinforcing its brand presence across multiple platforms.


  • Lack of Innovation: The campaign relies heavily on traditional imagery and brings nothing new or innovative, which might not be enough to set it apart from competitors.
  • Overlooking the Controversy: The campaign does not address or take a stance on the recent controversy, which might be seen as an attempt to sweep it under the rug.
  • Unclear Message: While the ad focuses on the ease of enjoying summer, it does not communicate how Bud Light enhances this experience or why consumers should choose Bud Light over other brands.
Bud Light ad 2023 - Easy to Summer
Bud Light ad 2023 – Easy to Summer

Impact and Future Prospects:

The campaign is Bud Light’s attempt to regain its footing after facing boycotts and backlash due to its handling of the controversy involving Dylan Mulvaney. Whether this campaign will effectively rebuild the brand’s image and boost sales remains to be seen. It is also crucial for Bud Light to consider the values and concerns of its diverse consumer base in future campaigns.

Bud Light ad 2023 Viewer Reactions and Comments

  • Humor and Satire: Some viewers found humor in the ad, with comments like “@goldenskeptic: My favourite part was when Obiwan said ‘This isn’t the beer you’re looking for’….. Classic ????????????????”. However, others felt that the humor was misplaced or did not hit the mark.
  • Portrayal of Gender Roles: Many viewers expressed concern over the portrayal of men in the ad. Comments like “@nosadonions: Let me guess, all the Bud Light drinking women are strong girl bosses and the men are incompetent goons… Nailed It!!!!” and “@ashtonstewart: So if I understand correctly, the public image team’s solution was to make a rescue ad that makes men look silly, incompetent, lazy, and stupid via good reel? Interesting.” indicate that some viewers felt the ad was biased in its portrayal of gender roles.
  • Disconnect with the Audience: Several comments suggest that Bud Light may have missed the mark in connecting with its target audience. For instance, “@jaythenihilist: I don’t know if this is Bud Light’s sneaky way of telling their customer that they hate them, or if they’re really this incompetent about reaching their target demographic. Neither would surprise me.” and “@jaysonsanchez: This commercial shows that Bud Light STILL doesn’t know their customers. They need to hire a blue-collar marketer asap before there comes a point of no return.”
  • Boycott and Brand Loyalty: Some viewers intended to boycott Bud Light or switch to other brands. Comments like “@robsandquist: Bud light. Easy to boycott, easy to avoid” and “@MrBluebirds: Just like to point out that even though I live in the U.K. I’ve stopped buying Bud Light!” indicate a loss of brand loyalty.
  • Critique of Marketing Strategy: Many viewers critiqued Bud Light’s marketing strategy, with comments like “@markc: I am sure that Marketing students will be taught how not to do a Bud Light for years to come.” and “@arnoldd: Oh man, this is hard. I stopped buying bud light, but this ad, it’s just so hilarious, so brilliant, look how we’re all so stupid in the summer, makes me want to transition from a man into a woman out on heels and drink some bud light.”
  • Sarcastic Praise: Some viewers used sarcasm to express their disapproval, such as “@afridgetoofar: Imagine Bud Light thinking this commercial would win back their customers ????”.
ad 2023 Bud Light dogs funny
AD 2023 Bud Light dogs funny

Bud Light’s summer ad campaign has elicited a wide range of reactions from viewers. While some found humor in the ad, others expressed concerns regarding the portrayal of gender roles, the disconnect with the audience, and the marketing strategy. The mixed reactions indicate that Bud Light may need to reassess its advertising approach and consider the values and preferences of its diverse consumer base. It is essential for brands to strike a balance between humor and sensitivity and to ensure that their marketing strategies resonate with the target audience.


Bud Light’s “Easy to Summer” campaign is a sizable effort to capture the spirit of summer and re-establish the brand’s position in the market. While the nostalgic appeal and consumer engagement are strengths, the lack of innovation and an unclear message are potential weaknesses. As Bud Light moves forward, it will be essential for the brand to be mindful of its social responsibilities and to innovate in ways that resonate with today’s diverse and socially conscious consumers.

Ad 2023 Bud Light phone sun burn
AD 2023 Bud Light – phone sunburn

Bud Light ad 2023 Press Release

This summer, Bud Light is setting out to have the brand’s biggest summer campaign ever with the new Easy to Summer” commercial that shows how effortless it is to enjoy the summer season. In addition to the new creative, the brand is announcing a national summer music tour, and welcoming some famous NFL friends of the brand to the backyard with new social content.

First up, Bud Light’s latest addition to its Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy campaign comes to life in the all-new commercial, titled “Easy to Summer.” In the spot, despite the everyday trials and tribulations of summer – like sunburn, broken flip flops, or navigating a paddle board for the first time – you’ll see how an ice cold Bud Light is easy to enjoy with 21+ family and friends. Set to the track “Good Times” by Chic, Bud Light is here to remind fans to kick back and enjoy with friends and family in the backyard throughout the summer.

Earlier this year, Bud Light announced partnerships with top artists including Kane Brown, Midland, and Megan Moroney to surprise and delight fans of the brand over the course of the year. In a few weeks, Bud Light will offer 21+ fans the chance to attend the Bud Light Backyard Tour – a national tour visiting multiple states throughout the summer. Delivering some of the best artists to jam with in the backyard including Tyler Braden, Seaforth and others, the Bud Light Backyard Tour will bring together fan favorite artists and good vibes all summer long. From scoring tickets, to navigating packed venues to finding the perfect view, Bud Light knows it can sometimes be hard to enjoy your favorite musicians live. The Bud Light Backyard Tour makes loving live music easy and allows fans across the country to step into the Bud Light Backyard for intimate sets and easy hangs with their favorite artists.

“Bud Light established our ‘Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy’ platform at the Super Bowl and we are continuing to build on that message as we unveil our new ‘Easy to Summer’ commercial to officially kick off summer,” said Todd Allen, Vice President of Marketing for Bud Light. “We can’t wait to get out on the road and give fans the experience to enjoy their favorite artists through the first-ever Bud Light Backyard Tour. Bud Light is ready for an epic summer, and we are looking forward to delivering easy enjoyment to our 21+ fans for all the best summer moments in the backyard.”

“Easy to Summer” will kick off with the brand’s largest media spend to date – starting with the new commercial airing today. Bud Light is making this the biggest summer campaign ever by bringing all the summer backyard fun straight to fans by:

  • Offering lucky fans the chance to win tickets to the local shows on the Backyard Tour and experience your favorite artists
  • – Giving away $10K weekly to make summer easy to enjoy and stock up for all the backyard parties
  • – Covering the beer tab where consumers scan for a chance to win $100 toward their tab
  • – Offering rebates over July 4th weekend to help keep summer easy

To tee up the upcoming NFL season, Bud Light is also calling on NFL superstars Travis Kelce, George Kittle and Dak Prescott for more backyard fun. These players will star in new creative before the NFL season and show up for 21+ fans all summer. Whether Travis Kelce lounging in the backyard, George Kittle finding his Sunday best, or Dak Prescott and his neighbors admiring his perfectly mowed lawn, Bud Light and their NFL partners help make summer easy. Fans won’t just have the chance to see these stars in new content, but will also have the chance to win signed memorabilia from Travis Kelce, George Kittle and Dak Prescott to get ready for the start of the NFL season.

Buf Light ad 2023 - Easy to Summer
Buf Light ad 2023 – Easy to Summer

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Bud Light looks to rebound from controversy

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