Bud Light Super Bowl ad 2023

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Bud Light Super Bowl ad 2023 features Hollywood it-couple Miles and Keleigh Teller. From one of the summer’s hottest movies to Super Bowl screens all over the country, Miles Teller and wife, Keleigh, achieve peak couple goals in “Hold” as Keleigh frustratingly waits on the phone as the repetitive, but surprisingly catchy, hold music plays throughout the room. Miles decides to enjoy the moment, cracking open a Bud Light and, in classic Miles fashion, busts out a few of his signature dance moves while making his way over to Keleigh. After handing her a beer, Keleigh decides to join in on the fun as they light up the room together, dancing in rhythm to the music and taking the otherwise boring moment as an opportunity to enjoy, together.

Bud Light Super Bowl ad 2023
Bud Light Super Bowl ad 2023 featuring Hollywood it-couple, Miles and Keleigh Teller

“Hold” marks just the start of what Bud Light has in store for 2023, with a diverse body of creative work under its new “Easy Enjoyment” platform set to air throughout the year. Last month during the NFL Playoffs, “The Bud Light Carry” premiered, depicting a familiar, tricky situation many fans find themselves in after buying their friends a round at the bar. Instead of taking multiple trips or recruiting friends to help, the hero in this spot decides to choose ‘Easy Enjoyment’ and takes the challenge head-on to bring the round of Bud Lights to her friends without spilling a drop.



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