Coors ad 2023 – Bear Taxi Service

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Coors, a brand owned by Molson Coors, has recently launched a multi-million-pound advertising campaign in the UK titled “Keep It Fresh.” This campaign, created by Havas London and directed by DIARMID at Untold Studios, is a unique and imaginative take on beer advertising that emphasizes Coors’ commitment to freshness and innovation.

The campaign’s centerpiece is a TV ad set on the fictional Coors Mountain. The ad features a group of friends heading to a party, who order a ride from an unexpected source – a pack of bears. This whimsical scenario highlights the fresh attitudes and sociability associated with Coors and the brand’s unique thermochromic ink packaging, which changes color to indicate when the beer is at the perfect, mountain-cold drinking temperature.

Coors ad 2023 - Bear Taxi Service
Coors ad 2023 – Bear Taxi Service

The campaign is not limited to TV, however. It also includes video on demand, cinema, out-of-home, digital and social executions, and an influencer campaign managed by Red Havas. Media planning and buying were handled by Carat.

Untold Studios, known for their excellence in creating CGI animals, was responsible for the production and VFX across the campaign. This advertising approach, rarely seen in the beer industry, adds a unique and memorable element to the campaign.

Coors is also running a nationwide on-pack promotion to coincide with the campaign launch. Customers can win their mountain experience with VIP tickets to Snowbombing, the original mountain music festival, or one of 1000 Bluetooth speakers.

Coors ad 2023 - Bear Taxi Service advert
Coors ad 2023 – Bear Taxi Service advert

Abigail Spencer, Coors marketing controller at Molson Coors, explains, ” ‘Keep It Fresh’ is not just about cold beer, it’s an attitude – with fresh thinking and behavior about doing things differently.” This campaign, she says, leans into the joy of sociability and togetherness in the post-pandemic world and represents a significant investment into the premium beer category.

The creative directors at Havas London, Rob Greaves, and Sam Daly, express their excitement about the campaign, stating that it brings the viewers a bit of cold, Rocky Mountains freshness. DIARMID, the director from Untold Studios, also praises Coors for understanding comedy and for allowing the creation of a campaign that blends the ordinary with the extraordinary.

Commercial Coors ad 2023 - Bear Taxi Service
Commercial Coors ad 2023 – Bear Taxi Service

Coors’ new “Keep It Fresh” campaign is a refreshing and innovative approach to beer advertising, combining humor, high-quality production, and a unique concept to create a memorable and engaging campaign.


  • Innovative and Engaging: The Coors’ Bear Taxi Service campaign is a fresh and engaging approach to advertising. It uses humor and fantasy to capture the audience’s attention and make the brand memorable.
  • Multi-Channel Approach: The campaign is not limited to just one platform. It spans TV, video on demand, cinema, out-of-home, digital, and social executions, which increases its reach and impact.
  • Promotion of Unique Features: The campaign highlights Coors’ unique on-pack thermochromic ink, which turns blue when the beer is cold and ready to drink. This promotes a unique selling point and reinforces the brand’s focus on freshness and quality.


  • Potential Misinterpretation: The use of bears as a taxi service, while humorous and fantastical, could be misinterpreted or seen as promoting unsafe or unrealistic scenarios.
  • Reliance on Humor: Humor can be subjective; what one person finds funny, another might not. This could limit the campaign’s appeal to a broader audience.
  • Lack of Clear Call to Action: While the campaign is engaging and memorable, it lacks a clear call to action. This could limit its effectiveness in driving sales or encouraging specific consumer behaviors.




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