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Flipping the Script: Samsung’s Hilarious Ad Invites Apple Fans to ‘Join the Flip Side

In the fiercely competitive smartphone market, where brand loyalty often resembles a cult following, Samsung has unleashed a witty and ingenious teaser for its new Galaxy Z Flip phone, “Join the Flip Side.” The ad humorously targets Apple devotees and portrays the magnetic allure of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as something even the most ardent iPhone fans find impossible to resist.

Setting the Scene

“Join the Flip Side” is set against an idyllic summer camp backdrop that takes on a mysterious aura as rumors circulate about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s hypnotic powers. The camp is rife with tales of how the Galaxy Z Flip casts a spell on anyone who beholds it.

One of the friends, initially cynical and seemingly unyielding in her commitment to her iPhone, is astounded by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The text accompanying the video teases, “However, they soon discover that the very thing they fear most is the thing they want the most. Will they be able to escape Samsung Z Flip, or will they be possessed by its power and join the flip side?”

Samsung Z Flip Apple iPhone advert teasing
Samsung Z Flip Apple iPhone advert teasing

Masterful Storytelling

Samsung has skillfully crafted this ad by weaving humor with suspense. The choice of a summer camp as the setting is refreshing and injects a dose of nostalgia. The ad adeptly employs storytelling to build anticipation. The characters are relatable, particularly to viewers who are brand loyalists and often skeptical about making the switch.

The ad’s pinnacle is when the iPhone user is left in awe by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This scene conveys a potent message about the remarkable features of the Galaxy Z Flip without resorting to blatant advertising.

The Message

This ad is a shining example of imaginative advertising. While Samsung takes a playful dig at Apple loyalists, it does so in a humorous manner and devoid of malice. It showcases the Galaxy Z Flip’s attributes through the characters’ reactions rather than a conventional product overview.

By depicting the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as an irresistible force that even the most dedicated iPhone users can’t help but marvel at, Samsung establishes its product as groundbreaking and coveted.

Samsung Z Flip Vs. Apple iPhone ad 2023
Samsung Z Flip Vs. Apple iPhone ad 2023

Wrapping It Up

In summation, Samsung’s “Join the Flip Side” is a captivating and shrewd advertising strategy that not only seizes attention but also piques curiosity about the Galaxy Z Flip. It serves as a reminder that sometimes adopting a more lighthearted and imaginative approach in advertising can be remarkably effective.


  • Engaging Storytelling: The ad effectively uses storytelling to create an engaging and relatable narrative, which helps capture the audience’s attention.
  • Humor and Creativity: Humor makes the ad entertaining and memorable. The creative approach of depicting the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as almost magical is unique and intriguing.
  • Targeting Competitor’s Audience: By playfully targeting iPhone users, the ad cleverly positions the Galaxy Z Flip as an alternative that even the staunchest Apple fans would find tempting.


  • Lack of Product Details: The ad focuses more on storytelling and doesn’t provide much information about the actual features of the Galaxy Z Flip, which might leave some viewers wanting more substance.
  • Risk of Alienating Apple Users: While the ad is humorous, some Apple loyalists might not appreciate the playful dig and could be turned off by the approach.
  • Over-Hyped Presentation: The portrayal of the phone as something with an almost mystical allure might set expectations too high, and the actual product experience might not live up to the hype created by the ad.




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