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The new Apple ad titled “Crash Test” is a powerful demonstration of the iPhone 14 Pro’s Crash Detection feature. Set in a hangar, the ad showcases a car crash test in slow motion, accompanied by the tune of “You Can’t Hurt Me No More” by Gene Chandler. The ad focuses on a crash test dummy, which is tracked throughout the collision until the vehicle comes to a halt.

The iPhone 14 Pro is mounted on the dash, and after the crash, its display reads, “It looks like you’ve been in a crash.” The ad concludes with the tagline: “Crash Detection can sense a severe car crash and automatically call 911. Relax, it’s iPhone 14 Pro.”

This ad is a part of Apple’s ‘Relax, It’s iPhone‘ campaign, which aims to highlight the unique features of the iPhone 14 Pro that make it a reliable and trustworthy device. The Crash Detection feature is a significant safety tool that can potentially save lives by automatically calling 911 in the event of a severe car crash.

Apple iPhone Ad 2023 – Crash Test - colision
Apple iPhone Ad 2023 – Crash Test – collision

The ad’s use of a real-life scenario, the car crash test, effectively illustrates the practical application of the Crash Detection feature. The slow-motion visuals add a dramatic effect, enhancing the impact of the crash and the subsequent activation of the Crash Detection feature.

The choice of music, “You Can’t Hurt Me No More” by Gene Chandler, adds an ironic twist to the ad, reinforcing the message that users are in safe hands with the iPhone 14 Pro’s Crash Detection feature.

Overall, the “Crash Test” ad successfully communicates the value of the iPhone 14 Pro’s Crash Detection feature, positioning the iPhone as a device that goes beyond just communication and entertainment but can also provide critical assistance in emergencies.

Apple iPhone Ad 2023 – Crash Test inside the car
Apple iPhone Ad 2023 – Crash Test Inside the Car


  • Enhanced Safety: The Crash Detection feature on the iPhone 14 Pro is a significant step forward in ensuring user safety. The feature can automatically call 911 in a severe car crash, potentially saving lives and reducing response times.
  • Innovative Use of Technology: The ad showcases Apple’s creative use of technology to improve user experience and safety. It demonstrates how Apple is leveraging its technological capabilities to create features that go beyond the usual expectations of a smartphone.
  • Effective Advertising: The ad effectively communicates the value of the Crash Detection feature. Using a dramatic car crash test, it visually demonstrates the feature in action, making it easy for viewers to understand its benefits.


  • Limited Real-World Testing: While the ad shows the Crash Detection feature in a controlled environment, it’s unclear how well it would perform in real-world scenarios. Factors such as the severity of the crash, the phone’s location during the collision, and other variables could affect its effectiveness.
  • Potential False Alarms: The feature could trigger false alarms, causing unnecessary panic or wasting emergency services resources. It’s unclear how the feature distinguishes between severe crashes and minor incidents or sudden movements.
  • Privacy Concerns: The feature’s automatic dialing 911 could raise privacy concerns. Users may be uncomfortable with the idea of their phone making emergency calls without explicit consent, especially when they might prefer to handle the situation differently.
Apple iPhone Ad 2023 – Crash Test the Car
Apple iPhone Ad 2023 – Crash Test the Car



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