Old Spice: The Road & Be Harder

Those two commercials are part of 2016 Old Spice campaign. Created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, those two spots features MVP of Super Bowl 50 and Broncos linebacker Von Miller. The films are produced by Biscuit Filmworks.

First commercial is named “The Road”. The hardworking power of Old Spice Dirt Destroyer will be there at the finish to wash away all the mistakes and victories.

I always take the road less traveled.
And if the road hasn’t been traveled at all…
I make my own road.
Pave my own path.
Make my own asphalt.
Adhere to strict transportation guidelines.
Build a shower.
Use the hardworking power of Old Spice Dirt Destroyer to clean me off.
Get back to that road, so I can get to the game… on my own terms…

The second commercial is named “Be Harder”.

VON: They say hard work takes sweat.
But if Old Spice Sweat Defense helps keep me feeling dry, how will they know I worked hard?
I’ve got to make stuff harder.
Push my body to its limits.
Take on more than is expected of me.
Always be struggling.
There. That’s the perfect amount of hard.

Push my body to its limits.


A funny commercial with a good execution.

Heart or Humor10.0
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