Old Spice: Truce

In the new Old Spice commercial, Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews make peace after the previous Old Spice commercial in which they competed against each other to promotes Bearglove Body Wash and Timber Body Wash.

The commercial was produced by Wieden+Kennedy and its headline is “Make a Smellmitment”. If you are asking yourself what is the name of the song of
Old Spice ad you should know that the song was created for this commercial…

This is the extended version for online.

The script of the Old Spice commercial:

SFX: piano being played

Isaiah: Hello, everyone. This feud has gotten a little out of hand.
Terry: When you think about it, all the scents are great.
Isaiah: Friends.
Terry: Friends.

Lyrics: They were best friends all along, they just didn’t know it. But, I started singing the song and now the lyrics show it. They’re best friends, since twelve seconds ago. They’re best friends and now they’re going to talk some more. What a great ending. Oh no, it’s not over yet, that ending was ever more beautiful, wow it’s still going. They’re already old best friends.

Terry: Well, I…guess this is goodbye.
Isaiah: More like, see you later.

SFX: clap
SFX: audience clapping and cheering
SFX: clap
SFX: Old Spice whistle
SFX: Spritz

Terry Alan Crews Vs Isaiah Mustafa


I like it! It will be viral.

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