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Gucci Christmas advert – Gucci Gift holiday selection

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The video titled “Gucci Gift” by GUCCI, is a 60-second advertisement showcasing the Gucci Gift holiday selection. The creative vision for this campaign is attributed to Sabato De Sarno, with artistic direction by Riccardo Zanola and cinematography by Marcell Rev. The stylist for the campaign is Alastair McKimm. The video features the song “I Feel Love” written by Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder, and Donna Summer, and performed by Sam Smith.

The advertisement presents a vibrant gathering of friends and family celebrating togetherness during the holidays. It highlights Gucci’s signature handbag collection, which includes metallic details and sparkling embellishments, alongside festive ready-to-wear looks and Gucci Valigeria pieces for holiday travels.

Gucci Christmas advert - Gucci Gift
Gucci’s Holiday advert: Gucci’s Signature Sparkle

This campaign effectively leverages the festive season to showcase Gucci’s luxury products. The use of a popular and emotionally resonant song, “I Feel Love,” adds to the celebratory and high-end feel of the advertisement. The focus on togetherness and celebration aligns well with the holiday season, potentially resonating with the target audience’s desire for warmth, connection, and luxury during this time.

Gucci Christmas advert - Gucci Gift holiday
A Toast to Elegance: Gucci’s Holiday Celebration Comes to Life.

This approach is reminiscent of other luxury brandsholiday campaigns, which often emphasize the themes of togetherness, celebration, and gift-giving. However, Gucci’s unique style and branding and the specific choice of featured products set this campaign apart. Including travel-related items (Gucci Valigeria) is a clever touch, acknowledging the holiday travel season and expanding the range of products showcased beyond traditional holiday gifts like handbags and clothing.

Gucci Christmas advert - Gucci Gift holiday selection
The Art of Holiday Travel: Gucci Valigeria Captures the Spirit of the Season

The “Gucci Gift” campaign is a visually appealing, emotionally engaging advertisement that effectively communicates the luxury and elegance of the Gucci brand while tapping into the seasonal spirit of togetherness and celebration.

  1. Memorable: 80/100
    • Pros: The use of “I Feel Love” performed by Sam Smith creates an instantly recognizable auditory backdrop, making the ad memorable.
    • Cons: The theme of holiday togetherness, while heartwarming, is not unique and may blend in with similar campaigns from other luxury brands.
  2. Effective: 85/100
    • Pros: The emphasis on Gucci’s signature handbags and festive clothing resonates with the brand’s luxurious image, effectively showcasing their holiday collection.
    • Cons: The ad may not explicitly highlight the individuality of each product, potentially overshadowing specific items’ uniqueness.
  3. Style: 92/100
    • Pros: The ad’s visual appeal is undeniable, with a rich color palette and opulent settings that align perfectly with Gucci’s brand identity.
    • Cons: The style, while luxurious, might be perceived as overly opulent, possibly alienating more understated luxury consumers.
  4. Heart/Humor: 75/100
    • Pros: The portrayal of a vibrant holiday gathering evokes warmth and togetherness, appealing to emotions tied to the festive season.
    • Cons: The ad lacks humor and could benefit from lighter moments to make it more relatable and engaging.
  5. Execution: 90/100
    • Pros: The combination of an iconic song, beautiful cinematography, and expert styling culminates in a visually stunning execution.
    • Cons: The narrative might seem overshadowed by the visual spectacle, needing a stronger storyline to ground the advertisement.
Gucci Christmas ad - Gucci Gift holiday selection
Gucci’s Festive Gathering Embraces Warmth and Style

Gucci’s “Gucci Gift” campaign is a brilliant showcase of the brand’s ability to merge traditional holiday themes with its unique flair for luxury. While the advertisement aligns with the festive spirit, its true strength lies in the way it embroiders the narrative of togetherness with the opulence and elegance inherent to Gucci. The ad is an eloquent reminder of the brand’s prowess in creating visually arresting and emotionally resonant campaigns that speak to the heart of luxury fashion enthusiasts.

A vibrant holiday


Visually appealing

Heart or Humor7.5
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