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Amazon unveiled a funny ad to promotes the Amazon Alexa service. The tagline is “Change tracks without getting up. A voice is all you need with Alexa.”

The two songs in Amazon Alexa Opera TV commercial are Queen of the Night: Aria (Magic Flute) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (iTunes), and the second one is I Feel Love by Donna Summer.
The advert was made by the creative agency Wongdoody.
A viewer said about the ad that “it is inaccurate because it looks like this takes place somewhere between the 1750s or the 1760s; however, Mozart was born in 1755, meaning that it would have been much more accurate if it took place around the 1770s or 1780s.”

From my point the view, the ad is funny but somehow the actor in this commercial reminds me of smart home commercials




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  1. But “The Magic Flute” was written by Mozart when he was five years old so 1760s so 1760s is exactly accurate.

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