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Tesco Christmas Advert 2023: How Bizarre!

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Heart or Humor


How Bizzare!

In the bustling realm of holiday advertisements, Tesco’s 2023 Christmas advert, “Become More Christmas,” stands out with its charming blend of humor and heartwarming moments. This review delves into the various facets of the advert, capturing the essence of the festive spirit as portrayed by Tesco and its creative partner, BBH.

  1. Memorable: 80/100
    • Pros: Transforming into Christmas-themed figures is unique and visually engaging.
    • Cons: It may be overshadowed by other adverts with more elaborate storylines or famous faces.
  2. Effective: 85/100
    • Pros: Highlights Tesco’s role in the Christmas celebration, emphasizing the anticipation and joy.
    • Cons: The focus on transformation might overshadow the product range.
  3. Style: 90/100
    • Pros: Creative and visually stunning, with a delightful play on the Christmas theme.
    • Cons: The whimsical style may not resonate with all audiences.
  4. Heart/Humor: 75/100
    • Pros: The father-son dynamic adds a relatable touch, blending humor with familial bonds.
    • Cons: The humor may not appeal universally, particularly across different age groups.
  5. Execution: 88/100
    • Pros: Excellent production quality and seamless integration of festive elements.
    • Cons: Some transitions between scenes could be smoother for better narrative flow.
Tesco Christmas Advert 2023
Becoming More Christmas: Tesco Christmas Advert 2023 capturing the essence of festive anticipation

Tesco’s 2023 Christmas advert, crafted by BBH and directed by Alaska (Marco Lafer and Gustavo Moraes), brings a fresh perspective to the traditional Christmas narrative. The advert’s use of the song “How Bizarre” by OMC creates an upbeat, quirky backdrop to the unfolding scenes.

BBH, known for its innovative approach, demonstrates its ability to blend creativity with commercial appeal. The idea of “Becoming More Christmas” is visually striking and metaphorically rich, depicting the gradual immersion into the festive spirit.

Tesco Christmas Advert 2023 bizzare
“How bizarre” song adding humor to the Tesco’s Christmas advert.

The family, especially the dynamic between the enthusiastic dad and his hesitant son, adds a layer of relatable humor and warmth to the advert. This portrayal underscores the diverse ways people embrace the holiday spirit.

Tesco Christmas ad 2023
A magical transformation in Tesco’s aisles, where Christmas joy comes alive.

Tesco’s Christmas campaign effectively captures the anticipation and excitement surrounding the holiday season, skillfully presented through a lens of humor and family bonding. The advert’s creative execution not only promotes Tesco’s products but also cements its image as a central figure in the celebration of Christmas.

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Blending humor with familial bonds.

Heart or Humor7.5
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 9.4

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