Duolingo Barbie Theater Ad

Duolingo Barbie Ad 2023

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Duolingo, the popular language learning platform, has recently launched a new 30-second cinema ad. The ad, which premiered at the Barbie movie screening in Los Angeles, features Duo, the brand’s green owl mascot.

The ad will be shown in theaters across the US ahead of Barbie screenings, airing in over 1,600 locations and 2,000 screens. This broad reach will capture the attention of many moviegoers, further increasing Duolingo’s brand visibility.

Interestingly, while there are over 100 official brand partnerships for Barbie, Duolingo is not one of them. The language learning platform has managed to cleverly insert itself into this pop culture moment without having to spend any budget with Mattel or Warner Brothers.

The ad is a testament to Duolingo’s innovative and playful approach to marketing. By capitalizing on a significant pop culture event, the brand has created a memorable and engaging ad that promotes its language learning app and reinforces its brand identity.

Duolingo Barbie commercial cinema 2023
Duolingo Barbie commercial cinema 2023

Duolingo’s new ad is a masterclass in creative marketing. By leveraging pop culture and humor, the brand has managed to create an ad that is entertaining and effectively communicates its message. It will be interesting to see how this ad impacts Duolingo’s brand recognition and user engagement in the coming weeks.

Duolingo Barbie Ad 2023
Duolingo Barbie Ad 2023



Good strategy

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