Samsung ad 2023 Adorable Sheltering Critters: Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Z Flip5

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Samsung ad 2023: A Tale of Shelter and Water Resistance

The Samsung ad 2023, “Galaxy Z Flip5 | Tab S9: Ecosystem Film,” is a short, 36-second clip emphasizing the convenience and versatility of Samsung’s latest offerings.

The advert begins with a catchy tune, “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head,” setting a light-hearted and upbeat mood. The video then showcases the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Tab S9 in various everyday scenarios, highlighting their sleek design and advanced features.

The Samsung ad 2023 for the Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Z Flip5 takes a unique approach to demonstrate the water-resistant feature of their devices. The ad cleverly uses the natural world, specifically a hedgehog and two crickets, to illustrate the protective qualities of their products.

The advert opens with a woman engrossed in her work on the Samsung Tab S9. As the rain pours down, a tiny hedgehog finds shelter under the tablet, which is set up like a tent. This scene showcases the tablet’s versatility and subtly hints at its water-resistant feature.

hedgehog and two crickets star in the Samsung ad 2023
Samsung ad 2023 – Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Z Flip5

The narrative continues with the woman discovering two crickets taking refuge under her Galaxy Z Flip5 phone. Like the tablet, the phone provides a haven for creatures from the rain, further emphasizing the water-resistant nature of Samsung’s devices.

The advert is a creative and heartwarming way to highlight the water-resistant feature of the Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Z Flip5. It effectively communicates that Samsung’s devices are technologically advanced and reliable in various conditions.

Overall, the advert does an excellent job of showcasing the product features while also creating a memorable and engaging narrative. The use of animals adds a touch of warmth and humor, making the advert stand out in the crowded tech market. The message is clear: with Samsung’s water-resistant devices, you’re protected, come rain or shine.

hedgehog and two crickets star in the Samsung ad 2023
A hedgehog and two crickets star in the Samsung ad 2023


  • The advert effectively communicates the water-resistant feature of the Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Z Flip5 uniquely and engagingly.
  • Using animals in the advert adds a heartwarming touch, making it memorable and appealing to a broad audience.
  • The advert successfully showcases the versatility and durability of Samsung products, enhancing the brand image.


  • The connection between the water resistance feature and the animals seeking shelter might not be immediately clear to all viewers.
  • The advert focuses primarily on the water resistance feature, potentially overshadowing other key Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Z Flip5 elements.
  • The humor and charm of the advert may distract some viewers from the product itself.

The Samsung ad 2023 demonstrates how these devices can enhance users’ daily lives, from work to leisure activities.



The ad excellent communicates the water-resistant feature.

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