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Amazon Audible ad 2023 – Laugh Through It

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The new Audible advert, ‘Laugh Through It,’ is a refreshing take on the brand’s advertising strategy. The ad, created by the creative advertising agency Fold7, is a part of Audible’s comedy campaign and is designed to encourage viewers to find humor in every situation, no matter how challenging.

The ad is simple yet effective. It begins with a brief moment of applause, followed by the statement, “Whatever life throws at you, laugh through it with comedy on Audible.” This message resonates with the audience, especially in the current global climate, where people seek solace in humor and entertainment.

The ad’s simplicity is its strength. It doesn’t rely on flashy visuals or complex narratives. Instead, it uses a straightforward message and a clean, minimalist aesthetic to convey its point. This approach makes the ad memorable and easy to understand, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced advertising landscape, where consumers are often bombarded with information.

However, the ad’s effectiveness is not solely due to its simplicity. It also benefits from its association with Audible, a brand known for its high-quality audio entertainment. By aligning itself with comedy, Audible positions itself as a source of joy and laughter, likely appealing to consumers looking for a break from the seriousness of everyday life.

Amazon Audible Laugh Through It advert
Amazon Audible Laugh Through It advert

The ‘Laugh Through It’ ad successfully adds to Audible’s advertising portfolio. It effectively communicates the brand’s message, engages the audience with its simplicity, and positions Audible as a source of comedic relief. It’s a reminder that sometimes, all we need to do is laugh, and Audible is there to help us do just that.


  • Humor as a Tool: The ad smartly uses humor to promote its comedy show, ‘Foreign Applause’. This aligns with the product being advertised and makes the ad entertaining and memorable for viewers.
  • Relatable Content: The ad’s message of laughing through life’s challenges is relatable and uplifting, which can resonate with a broad audience.
  • Clear Call to Action: The ad effectively promotes Audible as a platform for comedy, encouraging viewers to check out the show on Audible.


  1. Lack of Product Information: The ad could have included more information about the comedy show it’s promoting, such as the comedians involved or the type of comedy it features.
  2. Limited Appeal: While the ad’s humor can be appealing, it might not resonate with everyone, particularly those who prefer different genres over comedy.
  3. Missed Opportunity for Branding: The ad could have incorporated more elements related to Audible’s brand identity to strengthen brand recognition.
Amazon Audible ad 2023 - Laugh Through It
Amazon Audible ad 2023 – Laugh Through It




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