Rolex and the Amundi Evian Championship

Rolex’s Ad 2023 is a Stunning Tribute to the Amundi Evian Championship

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The luxury watch brand Rolex has released a new advertisement promoting its partnership with The Amundi Evian Championship, one of the five major championships in women’s professional golf. The ad, titled “Rolex and the Amundi Evian Championship,” is a 31-second spot that beautifully captures the essence of the prestigious golf tournament.

The ad begins with a poetic narration, “It’s like a shiver on a brisk midsummer’s day as if the air was suddenly purer.” This sets the tone for the rest of the video, filled with stunning visuals of the golf course and the surrounding landscape. The ad does an excellent job of highlighting the beauty and tranquility of the golf course on Lake Geneva‘s shores.

Rolex Ad 2023 Amundi Evian Championship
Rolex Ad 2023 Amundi Evian Championship

The video then transitions to showcasing the tournament itself, with the narrator stating, “This Major inspires the greatest champions to test their mettle.” This line effectively communicates the prestige and competitive nature of The Amundi Evian Championship.

The ad concludes with a warm welcome to The Amundi Evian Championship, reinforcing Rolex’s association with the tournament. The video does not explicitly promote Rolex watches, focusing on the brand’s association with the championship.

The comments on the video are also positive, with viewers appreciating the ad’s stunning visuals and poetic narration.

Rolex Advert 2023 Amundi Evian Championship
Rolex Advert 2023 Amundi Evian Championship

Overall, the ad is a beautiful tribute to The Amundi Evian Championship and effectively communicates Rolex’s association with the prestigious tournament. The ad’s focus on the beauty and prestige of the tournament, rather than an explicit promotion of Rolex watches, makes it a refreshing and engaging look.


  • Captivating Visuals: The ad is visually stunning, showcasing the beautiful Evian Resort Golf Club and the intensity of the championship. The high-quality production value is evident and enhances the overall viewing experience.
  • Brand Alignment: Rolex’s association with a prestigious event like the Amundi Evian Championship aligns perfectly with its luxury, precision, and excellent brand image.
  • Emotional Connection: The ad creates an emotional connection with the audience by highlighting the golfers’ passion, dedication, and skill.


  • Lack of Product Focus: The ad focuses more on the event than the Rolex watches. This could potentially lead to a lack of product awareness.
  • Limited Appeal: The ad’s focus on golf might limit its appeal to a broader audience who may not be fans or followers of the sport.
  • Missing Call-to-Action: The ad could have included a stronger call-to-action to guide viewers on what to do next, such as visiting the Rolex website or checking out their collection.



The ad creates an emotional connection.

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