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As showcased in its official film, Samsung has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with its latest release, the Galaxy Z Fold5. The video, a visual treat, provides a glimpse into the future of smartphones, emphasizing the unique features and design of the Galaxy Z Fold5. The advert music is a remix of “Please Don’t Go” by KC & The Sunshine Band

The video begins with a captivating sequence, drawing viewers into the world of Samsung’s latest technological marvel. The Galaxy Z Fold5 is presented as a device that transcends the limitations of traditional smartphones, offering a unique, foldable design that combines the convenience of a phone and the immersive experience of a tablet.

The video does an excellent job of highlighting the key features of the Galaxy Z Fold5. It showcases the device’s seamless transition from a compact phone to a larger, tablet-like display, emphasizing its versatility. The video also highlights the device’s robust build, sleek design, and vibrant display, which promises an immersive viewing experience.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 commercial
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 commercial

However, the video does not provide any information about the device’s technical specifications, leaving viewers curious about the device’s performance capabilities. Furthermore, the video does not address potential concerns about the durability of the foldable display, which could be a significant factor for potential buyers.

Despite these minor shortcomings, the video is a compelling introduction to the Galaxy Z Fold5. It successfully captures the essence of the device, presenting it as a game-changer in the smartphone market. The video’s high production values and focus on the device’s unique features make it an effective promotional tool for Samsung.

In conclusion, Samsung’s official film for the Galaxy Z Fold5 is a visually stunning introduction to their latest offering. It effectively showcases the unique features and design of the device, positioning it as the future of smartphones. However, the lack of technical details and information about the device’s durability may leave viewers wanting more. Despite these minor shortcomings, the video serves as a compelling teaser for the Galaxy Z Fold5, piquing interest and anticipation for the device.

2Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 advert
2Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 advert


  • Humor and Creativity: The advert uses humor and creativity to engage viewers and make the product features memorable.
  • Showcasing Product Features: The advert does an excellent job of highlighting the unique features of Samsung’s products, making them appealing to potential customers.
  • Production Quality: The high production quality of the advert, including the visuals and sound, enhances the overall viewing experience.


  • Lack of Product Information: While entertaining, the advert could provide more detailed product information.
  • Overemphasis on Humor: The focus on humor might distract some viewers from the products themselves.
  • Target Audience: The advert’s style and humor might not appeal to all demographics, potentially limiting its reach.



A cute advert!

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