Amazon ad: Get Ready for the Amazon Black Friday Week!

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Amazon‘s “Get Ready for the Amazon Black Friday Week!” commercial is a concise, 20-second advertisement that has quickly garnered significant attention. The commercial promotes Amazon’s Black Friday Week, offering up to 40% off from November 17-27.

The commercial is set to an upbeat musical backdrop and succinctly communicates: “Share the joy this Amazon Black Friday week with up to 40% off starts Friday.” This straightforward approach creates excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Black Friday sales, a key event for shoppers looking for great deals.

  • Memorable (75/100): The ad is straightforward and to the point, but it may lack unique elements that make it highly memorable.
  • Effective (90/100): It effectively communicates the sale details and the significant discounts, likely driving traffic and sales.
  • Style (70/100): The style is typical of Amazon‘s direct and clear advertising approach, though it lacks creative flair.
  • Heart/Humor (60/100): The ad doesn’t focus on emotional or humorous elements, instead prioritizing clear communication of the sale.
  • Execution (85/100): The execution is efficient and clear, successfully delivering the intended message in a brief format.
A group of people standing near a river, enjoying the snowy landscape during Black Friday Week.
Amazon Black Friday Advert
  1. Clarity of Message: The commercial clearly communicates the sale details, making it easy for viewers to understand the offer.
  2. Urgency: The mention of the sale period creates a sense of urgency, encouraging viewers to take advantage of the deals.
  3. Broad Appeal: The promise of up to 40% off has a wide appeal, attracting a diverse range of shoppers.
  1. Lack of Creativity: The commercial is quite basic in its presentation, lacking creative elements that might make it stand out.
  2. Limited Emotional Connection: There’s little in the way of storytelling or emotional engagement, which can be key in memorable advertising.
  3. Short Duration: The brief nature of the ad might limit the amount of information conveyed and the impact on the viewer.
Amazon ad Get Ready for the Amazon Black Friday Week!
Amazon ad Get Ready for the Amazon Black Friday Week!



It could be better.

Heart or Humor6.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 8.1

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