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An enchanting presentation

CHANEL’s “WELCOME TO CHANEL WONDERLAND” commercial, a part of their fragrance and beauty campaign, is a 60-second dive into the enchanting world of CHANEL’s holiday offerings. The ad magical portrayal of CHANEL’s fragrances, makeup products, and skincare items.

The commercial invites viewers into a ‘CHANEL Wonderland,’ where holiday magic begins. It’s a journey through a selection of unforgettable fragrances, luminous makeup products, and ultra-sensorial skincare, all presented in a dreamlike, festive setting. The ad features Sébastien Tellier, Vittoria Ceretti, Akon Changkou, Lucas El Bali, and Chloe Oh, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication.

  • Memorable (88/100): The wonderland theme and the enchanting presentation make the commercial quite memorable.
  • Effective (86/100): It effectively showcases the range of CHANEL’s holiday products, appealing to the brand’s target audience.
  • Style (94/100): The commercial exudes CHANEL’s signature elegance and luxury, perfectly aligning with the brand’s image.
  • Heart/Humor (75/100): While not focused on emotional depth or humor, the ad’s whimsical and dreamy atmosphere adds a heartwarming touch.
  • Execution (92/100): The ad’s production, from its visual appeal to the portrayal of products, is executed with the high level of sophistication expected of CHANEL.

CHANEL’s “Welcome To Chanel Wonderland” commercial is a visually stunning portrayal of the brand’s holiday collection. It encapsulates the essence of CHANEL‘s luxury and elegance, inviting viewers into a festive, dreamlike world. The ad’s focus on showcasing a wide range of products in a magical setting makes it not only a feast for the eyes but also an effective marketing tool for the holiday season.

Chanel's new ad captures a group of people in Wonderland, striking poses and taking selfies.
Chanel Holiday advert
  1. Visual Appeal: The commercial is visually stunning, creating an enchanting wonderland that beautifully showcases CHANEL’s products.
  2. Brand Consistency: It maintains CHANEL’s high standards of elegance and luxury, reinforcing its prestigious image.
  3. Product Showcase: The ad effectively highlights a diverse range of CHANEL’s holiday collection, from fragrances to skincare, appealing to a broad audience.
  1. Lack of Narrative Depth: The commercial focuses more on aesthetics than storytelling, which might limit its emotional connection with the audience.
  2. Niche Target Audience: Its high-end luxury appeal might not resonate with a broader audience, limiting its reach to primarily CHANEL enthusiasts.
  3. Predictability: The theme, while beautifully executed, follows a predictable pattern for luxury brand holiday commercials, lacking a unique or innovative twist.
A man in a white hat standing in front of Chanel boxes.
Sébastien Tellier stars in the Chanel winter advert

Wonderland theme


A heartwarming touch.

Heart or Humor7.5
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