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Whirlwind of superstardom

CHANEL’s latest commercial, featuring K-pop sensation and House ambassador JENNIE, is a dazzling and intimate glimpse into the life of a global superstar. Directed by Inez & Vinoodh, the ad showcases the multiple facets of JENNIE’s life, from her powerful stage presence to her private moments, all while highlighting the CHANEL 22 bag as a unifying factor.

The ad captures the essence of JENNIE’s world – the mad rush of her daily life, the constant paparazzi attention, and the adoration of her fans. The commercial is part of the CHANEL 22 Bag Campaign, featuring CHANEL ambassadors Whitney Peak, Margaret Qualley, and Lily-Rose Depp, playing the game of autobiographical fiction as they tell their stories and ours, with the CHANEL 22 bag as their constant companion.

JENNIE stars in the Chanel advert
JENNIE stars in the Chanel advert

JENNIE’s star power is on full display in this ad, as everything sparkles around her, from the paparazzi flashes to the stage lights. The commercial captures the effervescence of her life and her versatility as an artist. From her beginnings in the girl group Blackpink to her solo debut with the chart-topping single “Solo” and an upcoming acting debut in the HBO series The Idol, JENNIE’s trajectory continues to soar.

The CHANEL 22 bag is the ultimate accessory for a woman like JENNIE, who is navigating the complexities of her daily life with grace and style. The bag is a genuine ally, seamlessly fitting into her lifestyle and making a bold fashion statement.

In summary, CHANEL’s new commercial featuring JENNIE is a visually stunning and captivating portrayal of a superstar’s life while highlighting the CHANEL 22 bag’s versatility and style. The ad’s narrative beautifully intertwines the personal and professional aspects of JENNIE’s life, showing us that behind the fame, there’s a multifaceted woman who remains true to herself, with the CHANEL 22 bag as her trusted companion.

Jennie Kim known mononymously as Jennie, is a South Korean singer and rapper.
Jennie Kim, known as Jennie, is a South Korean singer and rapper.

Music Credits:

Sébastien Tellier « L’Amour et la Violence » Simple Mind Version
Written and composed by Sébastien Tellier
Performed by Sébastien Tellier and Corentin nit Kerdraon
Produced by Sébastien Tellier, Corentin nit Kerdraon and Pablo Padovani
Recorded by Pablo Padovani at MoodoStudio, Paris
Mixed by David Mestre at CBE Studio
Mastered by Alex Gopher

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