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KFC has just unveiled three sidesplitting ads to introduce their new chicken nuggets, and let me tell you, and they’re not just taking on their competitors – they’re declaring war on all things bland and cookie-cutter! With their battle cry, “Let the nugget wars begin,” KFC finally gives America the nuggets it deserves.

These ads brilliantly capitalize on the fact that people have been settling for dull, mediocre nuggets for far too long, and it’s time for a change. As the original fried chicken experts, KFC delivers this change with nuggets made with their distinctive Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices. CMO of KFC U.S., Nick Chavez, states, “Simply put, you’ve never had chicken nuggets like these – they’re the chicken nugget America deserves, and worth the wait.”

There are three ads in the campaign:

  • Nuggetmania 30-sec: KFC’s NEW chicken nuggets are so game-changing everybody will want to try them. You’ve never had nuggets like these.
  • Cool It Mom 30-sec: KFC’s NEW chicken nuggets are so good, you’ll want ‘em all to yourself—because you’ve never had nuggets like these.
  • Always Sauce 15-sec: NEW Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets You’ve never had nuggets like these—KFC’s NEW chicken nuggets are so flavorful; you can skip the sauce. This time.

The ads showcase KFC’s new nuggets, which start at $3.49 and are available in 5-, 8-, 12-, or 36-piece options at participating restaurants nationwide. Combo options are also highlighted, featuring Secret Recipe Fries, a biscuit, and a medium drink.

What makes these ads truly memorable is their tongue-in-cheek approach to humor. They successfully capture the essence of KFC’s brand – fun, full of flavor, and not afraid to take on the blandemic plaguing the nugget world. Each ad leaves a lasting impression that KFC Nuggets are so flavorful they don’t require dipping. Of course, if you’re a sauce lover, KFC has you covered with various options, including KFC Sauce, Honey BBQ, Classic Ranch, Honey Mustard, or Buffalo Ranch.

KFC new 2023 ads

KFC 2023 ads are a delightful and uproarious celebration of their new chicken nuggets. They capture the essence of the brand and drive home the message that it’s time to break up with bland and embrace the finger-lickin’ good taste of KFC Nuggets. Watch out, nugget competitors – the war has just begun!



Good execution!

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 3.9

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