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A blend of humor and cinematic flair

Apple has a long-standing tradition of creating ads that are not just promotional but also serve as a testament to creativity and innovation. From the iconic “1984Super Bowl commercial to the memorable “Shot on iPhone” campaign, Apple ads have consistently pushed the boundaries of advertising, blending technology with artistry.

This year, Apple has released a dazzling commercial that is a tribute to Hollywood’s filmmaking process. Set to a new rendition of Irving Berlin’s “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” the ad showcases the diverse roles in film production, from directors to makeup artists, all while highlighting the iPhone 15 Pro’s capabilities as a filmmaking tool.

A group of people on a set with a green screen, showcasing the Apple iPhone 15 Pro.
Apple’s latest ad is a cinematic masterpiece!
  • Memorable: 92/100 – The ad’s homage to Hollywood and its catchy soundtrack make it highly memorable.
  • Effective: 95/100 – Effectively showcases the iPhone 15 Pro’s features in a practical, industry-relevant context.
  • Style: 90/100 – Stylishly executed with a blend of humor and cinematic flair.
  • Heart/Humor: 85/100 – The ad’s light-hearted approach to a professional setting adds charm.
  • Execution: 93/100 – Brilliantly executed, demonstrating the product’s features within a creative narrative.
A man is standing in front of a camera showcasing the Apple iPhone 15 Pro for an ad.
From makeup artists to directors, Apple’s 2023 ad celebrates the magic of filmmaking with a tech twist!
  • Creatively integrates product features into a real-world filmmaking scenario.
  • Engaging and entertaining, appealing to both industry professionals and general audiences.
  • The use of a classic Hollywood song adds a nostalgic yet fresh touch.
  • The focus on industry-specific features might not resonate as strongly with non-professional consumers.
  • The ad’s high-tech focus could overshadow the iPhone’s more everyday uses.
Apple takes us behind the scenes of Hollywood with the iPhone 15 Pro.
Apple takes us behind the scenes of Hollywood with the iPhone 15 Pro.




Heart or Humor8.5
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