Toys”R”Us: Exactly What You Wish For

Advertising agency BBDO, Atlanta did one of the best Christmas campaigns. The lucky client is Toys”R”Us. In the commercial a boy receives the perfect Christmas gift. Do you know what’s the perfect holiday gift for a little boy? Watch the advert to find the answer.

The commercial headline is “May you get exactly what you wish for” and the song is I Was Born a Dreamer by Shel (you can find the full-length song here )

The other two commercial part of Toys”R”Us’ Holiday 2015 campaign:

Like Father, Like Daughter” A Star Wars Commercial about a father dream: for his daughter to love Star Wars as much as he does.

Christmas Tree.” A little girl gives her neighbor a simple gift. Song of this commercial is Making All Things New by Aaron Espe

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I saw a lot of Christmas campaign, but this one has everything it needs for a heartwarming Christmas campaign. Good work BBDO, Atlanta

Heart or Humor10.0

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