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Fantastical Creatures Invade Billboards in London, Tokyo, and New York!

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In a unique global marketing endeavor, iconic toy maker Lego has launched an immersive advertising campaign featuring anamorphic billboards in three major cities: London, New York, and Tokyo. The billboards, a promotion for Lego’s new YouTube series titled ‘Dreamzzz,’ showcase a variety of fantastical creatures, such as Zian the giant flying cat owl, the epic Crocodile Car, and the green slimy sidekick Z-Blob.

This captivating outdoor advertising campaign comes as part of Lego’s push for its brand-new TV show, bringing to life an array of enchanting characters that play major roles in the series. The project is a creative collaboration between Lego’s in-house team, Our Lego Agency (OLA), Amplify, and Intertia.

Jon Wicks, Associate Creative Director at OLA, shares the underlying message of the project: “Lego Dreamzzz brings to life a wondrous world of imagination and creativity. The series explores what happens when dreams become real – and these incredible 3D billboards create that reality for kids worldwide.

To inspire and empower children to create a world of their wildest dreams, these innovative billboards are just the starting point of a grand celebration of the power of dreaming and creativity, as envisioned by Lego.

The new Lego Dreamzzz series consists of ten initial episodes alongside various products designed to embody the diversity of children’s dreams. Notably, the show has been picked up by Netflix in selected regions, widening its reach beyond YouTube.

As anticipation builds for the series, Lego fans worldwide are eager to see if more DREAMZzz creatures and characters will feature in 3D advertising worldwide, given the presence of similar billboards in Tokyo and New York.


  • Innovative Marketing: By placing anamorphic billboards in major cities worldwide, Lego uses a unique approach to engage audiences and create a buzz around their new YouTube series, ‘Dreamzzz.’
  • Promoting Creativity: The campaign aligns with Lego’s overall brand ethos of promoting creativity and imagination in children. The fantastical creatures and characters reflect the limitless possibilities of children’s dreams.
  • Cross-Media Exposure: By launching a series on YouTube, announcing the Netflix deal, and unveiling a new toy line simultaneously, Lego is creating multiple touchpoints for audience engagement.


  • Limited Physical Reach: While the anamorphic billboards in major cities create a significant impact, their visibility is still limited to these specific urban areas.
  • Unclear Connection: While the creatures are intriguing, the immediate connection between them and the Lego product line might not be clear to the casual observer, potentially leading to confusion about what is being promoted.
Lego Dreamzzz 3D Billboard Campaign at London’s Piccadilly Circus
Lego Dreamzzz 3D Billboard Campaign at London’s Piccadilly Circus
3D billboards LEGO at New York’s Times Square
Lego Dreamzzz 3D Billboard Campaign at New York’s Times Square
3D billboards LEGO at Shinjuku, Tokyo
Lego Dreamzzz 3D Billboard Campaign at Shinjuku, Tokyo

The innovative new sets of LEGO DREAMZzz are scheduled for launch on August 1, 2023, with a total of eleven sets announced at the time of writing. Before this, the animated series will premiere on YouTube on May 15, 2023. This unique theme follows in the footsteps of The Legends of Chima, Nexo Knights, and Hidden Side, further establishing Lego’s continuous commitment to originality and creativity.

Promoting Creativity


Promoting Creativity

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