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Invisible No More: A Groundbreaking Film

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Invisible No More

Venables Bell + Partners (VB+P), a top independent agency, recently unveiled “Invisible No More,” a powerful film spotlighting the escalating issue of hate incidents targeted towards Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.

The film, which commemorates the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, is a collaborative effort with Stop AAPI Hate, a national alliance committed to countering racism and other bigotry forms against AAPI communities.

“Invisible No More” is an apt response to alarming statistics showing that approximately 1 in 5 AAPIs have recently been victims of hate incidents, affecting millions nationwide. Even more concerning is that these reported incidents, exceeding 11,000 since 2020, only represent the surface of the issue, as research indicates AAPIs seldom report their experiences.

We’re still on edge about the possibility of not only physical attacks but also workplace discrimination, verbal harassment, vandalism, and other forms of hate,” declared Stop AAPI Hate co-founder Manjusha Kulkarni. She stressed the importance of encouraging more AAPIs to report incidents to create effective solutions to end anti-AAPI hate.

The film, directed by Zoe Neary, edited by Kamila Daurenova, and produced in association with Ruffian, Cut+Run, and Jogger, addresses the many untold stories and personal experiences of hate incidents, which often remain hidden in plain sight.

Che-Na Stephenson, group creative director at VB+P, shared her encounter with AAPI hate, expressing the emotional trauma she experienced when racially derogatory slurs were hurled at her. Stephenson emphasized that such incidents are not isolated but are part of a deep-seated issue that needs urgent addressing.


  • Raising Awareness: The campaign significantly raises awareness about the escalating issue of hate incidents against AAPI communities, encouraging a much-needed societal dialogue about racism and bigotry.
  • Encourages Reporting: By highlighting the problem and providing a platform for victims’ stories, the film encourages more AAPI individuals to report incidents of hate and discrimination.
  • Promotes Unity and Empowerment: The initiative advocates for unity and empowerment, fostering a sense of community among AAPI individuals and encouraging them to take a stand against racism and hate.


  • Re-Traumatizing: The campaign, while enlightening, might inadvertently re-traumatize victims of hate incidents who are exposed to the content, particularly those who are still dealing with the emotional and psychological aftermath.
  • Potential for Backlash: The stark portrayal of hate incidents could invite backlash from those in denial or who disagree with the severity of the issue.
  • Limited Reach: The campaign’s reach might be limited if it primarily circulates within communities already aware and supportive of the cause rather than penetrating circles where awareness is lacking.

The joint effort by VB+P and Stop AAPI Hate aims to amplify awareness of the prejudice faced by AAPI communities and motivate more AAPIs to speak out, gain acknowledgment, and finally, be seen and heard. The campaign calls for collective action to ensure such incidents are no longer ignored or overlooked.

Invisible No More advert
Invisible No More advert

Press Release statements

Our communities are once again reeling from the mass shooting in Allen, Texas, a violent act of hate in which eight people were killed, including four Asians. It’s a reminder that two years after the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a wave of hate incidents, we’re still on edge — about the possibility of not only physical attacks but also workplace discrimination, verbal harassment, vandalism, and other forms of hate,” stated Stop AAPI Hate co-founder, Manjusha Kulkarni, executive director of AAPI Equity Alliance. “While many AAPIs remain fearful and anxious, we also know that many feel hesitant to report or don’t know where to report hate incidents. Encouraging people to share their experiences is essential in creating effective solutions to end anti-AAPI hate — and we are proud to partner with Venables Bell + Partners on a campaign that does just that.

As an Asian American, I’ve personally experienced the traumatic impact of AAPI hate,” commented Che-Na Stephenson, group creative director at VB+P. “Recently, on my routine walk home, a group of people started yelling racially derogatory slurs at me. I was shocked and felt anger, fear, and sadness. It’s disheartening to realize I was targeted simply because of my Asian features. AAPI hate is not just an isolated incident but a deep-rooted issue that needs to be addressed. It’s a painful reminder that prejudice still exists in our society, despite our progress toward inclusivity and acceptance. Our community must speak up so that these incidents are no longer ignored. I’m grateful to VB+P for giving me and my team the opportunity and creative freedom to work on issues that impact real people’s lives.

Invisible No More commercial
Invisible No More commercial

Invisible No More – Credits and Cast

Director of Corporate Engagement Ly Nguyen
Director of Communications Rose Lee
Communications Manager Yamuna Hopwood

Agency: Venables Bell + Partners

Founder, Chairman Paul Venables
Chief Creative Officer Will McGinness
Group Creative Director Che-Na Stephenson
Senior Art Director Diego Zelaya
Senior Copywriter Michael Ng
Chief Growth Officer Brittni Hutchins
Growth and Marketing Supervisor Jon Merlino
Head of Integrated Production Hilary Coate
Producer Lexi Alaga
Business Affairs Manager Christine Tom
Audio/Video Post Specialist Jason Bridges
Technical Director Jeff Saunders

Production: Ruffian

Director Zoe Neary
EP Robert Herman
Head of Production / Line Producer Sheila Eisenstein
Director of Photography Bryn McCashin
Art Director / Production Designer Nicolas Lepage
Key Painter & Make Up Artist Colin Comeau
Set Decoration Sandy Walker
Key Costumes Chieh Huang
Costumes Caroline Cheng
Service Company Means of Production in Vancouver

Editorial: Cut+Run

Editor Kamila Daurenova
Assistant Editor Eric Estevez
Managing Partner Michelle Eskin
Executive Producer Brian Stanley
Head of Production / Producer Kristen Jenkins

VFX & Finishing: Jogger

Creative Director Andy Brown
Flame Artist Jan Cilliers
Flame Artist Katrina Salicrup
Flame Artist Brendan Crockett
Head of Production / Producer Diana Cheng

Color: Trafik

Colorist Dimitri Zola
Producer Hugh Copeland
Managing Partner Robert Owens

Sound Design and Final Mix: Walker

Sound Designer and Mixer Chris Nungary
Producers: Danielle Soury, Stephanie Pigott, Sara Matarazzo

Original Music: Shimon Machida




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