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The GEICO ad 2023 long-standing and beloved ad campaign features their iconic mascot, the Gecko, engaging in a heartwarming exchange with a group of motorcyclists about the benefits of their motorcycle insurance.

Titled “Human Connection – Motorcycle,” this ad combines humor, relatability, and a strong marketing message, maintaining GEICO’s signature style. The commercial is underpinned by the catchy tune “Words of Love (Vocal)” by DeWolfe, which provides an upbeat and engaging backdrop to the unfolding narrative.

In the commercial, an animated Gecko connects with a group of bikers, emphasizing that they ‘deserve to save’ on their motorcycle insurance. The repetitive dialogue between the Gecko and the biker initially creates a humorous tone but then shifts into an earnest reminder of the value GEICO offers its customers. The Gecko’s sincerity and directness endear him to viewers, and his insistence that the motorcyclist ‘deserves to save’ underscores GEICO’s commitment to customer satisfaction and affordability.

Including a conversation between a waiter and a customer witnessing this interaction adds a meta-narrative layer that cleverly references the viewer’s experience of watching the ad. The waiter’s comment, “I mean he has a way of making you feel seen,” humorously acknowledges the Gecko’s persuasive charm and personability, making him such a successful and recognizable figure in advertising.

The performances by Chad Donella and Tracey A. Leigh are noteworthy, as they strike the perfect balance between being bystanders and active participants in the ad’s narrative. Their reactions provide a human element to the commercial, grounding the somewhat surreal interaction between an animated Gecko and the bikers.


  • Effective Messaging: The commercial effectively conveys GEICO’s promise of cost savings on motorcycle insurance. This straightforward marketing message is easy to understand and likely to resonate with viewers.
  • Engaging Characters: The endearing interaction between the Gecko and the motorcyclists adds a unique and engaging element to the commercial. This captivates the viewer’s attention and helps the ad stand out.
  • Human Element: The conversation between the waiter and the customer gives the ad a relatable and human touch. This provides a point of connection for viewers, helping to reinforce the brand’s message.


  • Limited Audience: The commercial specifically targets motorcyclists, which limits its reach to a narrow audience. This may prevent the ad from connecting with a broader customer base.
  • Dependence on Mascot: The heavy reliance on the Gecko as a spokesperson could create monotony or cause the audience to overlook the advertised product.
  • Repetitive Dialogue: The repetitive conversation between the Gecko and the motorcyclist may annoy some viewers, reducing the ad’s overall impact.
GEICO ad 2023 - Motorcycles Human Connection
GEICO ad 2023 – Motorcycles Human Connection


In conclusion, GEICO’s “Human Connection – Motorcycle” ad is another successful entry in their ad campaign. It blends humor, charm, and a strong marketing message while effectively promoting motorcycle insurance. The ad’s relatability, memorable performances, and catchy background music make it an engaging and entertaining watch.

GEICO ad 2023 Credits and Cast

Andrew Anthony as AVO
Jake Wood as the Gecko
Chad Donella as Employee/Waiter
Tracey A. Leigh as Customer
Bodie Newcomb as Rob
Terrell Lee as Friend

GEICO ad 2023 - Motorcycles
GEICO ad 2023 – Motorcycles



A funny ad!

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