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BURGER KING ad 2023 – Spider-Verse

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Across the Spider-Verse

With the upcoming release of Sony Pictures Animation’s highly anticipated film, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” fast-food giant Burger King has swung into the action, launching a limited-time, movie-inspired edition of their iconic Whopper. This spidey-themed campaign offers fans an immersive Spider-Verse experience, replete with new menu items and interactive restaurant makeovers.

The “Spider-Verse” Whopper, available from May 15 through June 21 at participating restaurants, comes with an innovative twist to the brand’s traditional burger. In a clear nod to the film’s protagonist, the Whopper features a striking red bun sprinkled with black sesame seeds, symbolic of Spider-Man’s iconic colors. Not forgetting the classic Whopper toppings of juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, creamy mayo, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions, this new creation is further enhanced with a layer of melted Swiss cheese.

And in keeping with Burger King’s “Have it your way” motto, the “Spider-Verse” Whopper can be customized with additional options like crispy bacon, offering a nearly limitless array of combinations – a concept fittingly reminiscent of the countless Spider-Verses in the film.

In addition to the hero Whopper, Burger King also serves a “Spider-Verse” Sundae for the summer. This dessert offers a refreshing bite with soft serve ice cream topped with red and black chocolate popping candies – an explosion of color and flavor mirroring the dynamic energy of the Spider-Verse itself.

Notably, Burger King’s Spider-Verse adventure doesn’t end at the menu. Select restaurants worldwide are undergoing a full transformation of Spider-Verse, complete with an in-dining room, drive-thru takeover, and Instagram-worthy areas where guests can immerse themselves in the Spider-Verse. These interactive transformations can be found in selected restaurants in New York City, France, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and others.

Pat O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer of Burger King North America, emphasizes the delightful parallels between the infinite number of universes in Spider-Man and the limitless ways Burger King fans can customize the new Spider-Verse menu items. This strategic partnership certainly seems to have hit the sweet spot, bridging the worlds of entertainment and gastronomy to create a unique customer experience.

This collaboration between Burger King and Sony Pictures Animation presents an excellent example of an innovative brand partnership, weaving a creative narrative that draws on the best from both brands. Burger King’s love for innovative ideas harmonizes perfectly with the captivating narrative of Spider-Man, allowing fans to experience and celebrate the upcoming film in a way they never have before.

BURGER KING ad 2023 - Spider-Verse
BURGER KING ad 2023 – Spider-Verse


  • Innovative Marketing: This partnership showcases an excellent blend of movie marketing and food innovation. By creating a themed Whopper and Sundae, Burger King adds a new excitement factor that could attract movie-goers and food enthusiasts.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Transforming selected restaurants with interactive Spider-Verse designs offers customers an immersive experience beyond just the menu, potentially strengthening brand loyalty.
  • Increased Reach: This global campaign could significantly increase Burger King’s visibility and reach, especially among the movie’s fans and young audiences, who are typically more engaged with co-branded initiatives.


  • Limited-Time Offer: Given that the “Spider-Verse” Whopper and Sundae are available only for a limited period, customers who like these new additions might be disappointed once the promotion ends.
  • Selective Transformation: The transformation of Burger King restaurants into the “Spider-Verse” theme is limited to only a few global locations, which might leave out a large segment of potential customers.
  • Dependence on Movie Success: The success of this promotion is somewhat tied to the film’s success. If the movie doesn’t perform well, it could affect the campaign’s impact.


With this campaign, Burger King has demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the customer experience, from flavor-packed, innovative menu items to immersive restaurant transformations. As fans swing by for a taste of the Spider-Verse, we can only wait and see if this heroic effort to rule their customers’ Spider-Verse will be as victorious as Spider-Man himself.

BURGER KING ad 2023 - Spider-Verse
BURGER KING ad 2023 – Red Bun! Swiss Cheese!?



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