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Meow Wolf’s Tryst with the Unexpected in its 2023 Advert

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Heart or Humor


The humor is well-executed

The art collective Meow Wolf is known for its quirky yet intriguing approach to art, often pushing the boundaries of conventional norms. The fourth installment of its ‘The Real Unreal’ series, shot in an unexpected shopping mall location, exemplifies its innovative approach. The choice of the Grapevine Mall in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex as the canvas for the latest exhibition adds an extra layer of intrigue and unpredictability.

The campaign cleverly parodies the tone of a 90s infomercial, complete with shoppers in matching neon tracksuits and a barrage of trippy, unsettling scenes. The tongue-in-cheek humor doesn’t end there, as it includes unveiling a fake wellness brand, Laërnu (hint: spell it backward). This brand offers consumers a way to find “A Whole Nü You.”


  • The unconventional choice of the shopping mall as the canvas for the exhibition adds an unexpected twist to the narrative. This surprise factor engages viewers and piques their curiosity about what else the exhibition has in store.
  • The humor is well-executed, with the parody of wellness brands and 90s infomercials hitting the mark. It’s cheeky, bold, and memorable – making it a talking point for audiences.
  • The integrated campaign approach is comprehensive and well-thought-out. It utilizes a variety of mediums including local broadcast TV, social and digital, out-of-home (OOH), mobile and experiential activations.


  • While unique, the humor may not resonate with all viewers, particularly those unfamiliar with Meow Wolf’s usual storytelling style. This could alienate a potential segment of the audience.
  • The heavy reliance on visual cues and metaphors requires viewers to engage fully with the content. The lack of a straightforward narrative might make it difficult for some viewers to follow.
  • The execution, while visually intriguing, might overshadow the underlying message and purpose of the exhibition. The quirky presentation could distract from the compelling narrative at The Real Unreal’s heart.
Meow Wolf 2023 Advert

The campaign goes live across various channels, offering a complete experience for its viewers. From the satirical depiction of a wellness brand to the chaotic beauty of a psychedelic shopping mall, Meow Wolf continues to intrigue and impress with their boundary-pushing creativity. Whether or not it resonates with all audiences, the ‘Come Find Yourself At The Mall’ campaign is certainly one for the books.

It’s an exciting moment to share the opening date of our next exhibition. The Real Unreal has been in the works for years and takes a bold step forward in our evolution of art and storytelling,” said Jose Tolosa, CEO of Meow Wolf, “As we pursue sustainable and thoughtful expansion, we are beyond excited to bring our unique brand of wonder unveiling this next chapter of the Meow Wolf universe and look forward to having new participants experience Meow Wolf.

Client: Meow Wolf
Chief marketing officer: Kelly Schoeffel
Director of brand content: Allyson Lupovich
Director of sales and marketing, Grapevine: Karie Slagle
Creative director: Kat Lam
Creative director: Dave Jamson
Vice-president of marketing operations: Megan Ambrose
Marketing project manager: Jena Braziel
Artwork by: Joe Cappa
Agency: Preacher
Chief creative officer: Rob Baird
Chief executive officer: Krystle Loyland
Chief strategy officer: Seth Gaffney
Creative director: Marcus Brown
Creative director: Zach Watkins
Group brand director: Kristen Meade
Associate creative director: Tyler Booker
Associate creative director: Mel Lin
Head of production: Stacey Higgins
Producer: Victoria Boldt
Business affairs: Miiko Martin
Production company: Easy Petes / Deafdog Productions
Director: Zach Tavel
Line producer: Drew Toresco
DP: Josh Kuzo
Casting: Brian Beegle Casting
Edit house: Cartel
Executive producer: Viet-An Nguyen
Producer: Sarah Schachte
Editor: Kevin Zimmerman
Assistant editor: Jill Sarao
Music: Cody Ackors, Quality Tracks
Mix: Dusty Albertz, Howdy Sound
Finish house: The Mill
Online producer: Sarah Brennan-Athas
Colorist: Logan Highlen



The humor is well-executed

Heart or Humor8.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 9.9

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