LeBron James Teams Up with Taco Bell to Liberate ‘Taco Tuesday

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Basketball superstar LeBron James is known for his love for Taco Tuesday, a fact that has turned into the rallying cry for his latest off-court fight. Together with Taco Bell, America’s largest Mexican-inspired fast-food chain, James has launched a campaign to liberate the phrase ‘Taco Tuesday’ from its registered trademark status.

This unexpected collaboration between James and Taco Bell originated from a dispute with Taco John’s, a Wyoming-based Mexican restaurant chain, that has owned the trademark for ‘Taco Tuesday’ since 1989. Taco Bell announced its intention to liberate the phrase for the benefit of restaurants nationwide, filing legal petitions to cancel the federal trademark registrations for ‘Taco Tuesday’. LeBron James, a known enthusiast of the tradition, jumped onboard with Taco Bell’s cause.


  • Celebrity Power: Leveraging LeBron James’ persona and his well-known love for ‘Taco Tuesday’ was a brilliant move. This alliance gives the campaign a significant boost and brings attention to Taco Bell’s efforts.
  • Public Appeal: The campaign appeals to a larger audience by emphasizing the concept of liberation of a popular phrase. This angle gives the campaign a broader resonance.
  • Highlighting the Absurdity: By creating an ad titled “Taco Bleep,” they’ve capitalized on the absurdity of a common cultural phrase being trademarked. This is likely to generate buzz and discussion.


  • Trademark Controversy: While the campaign is being pushed in the name of liberating a phrase, it also courts controversy around trademark rules. This could potentially generate negative press.
  • Narrow Audience: The ad’s humor and narrative may resonate more with people already familiar with the ‘Taco Tuesday’ tradition or LeBron James’ fondness for it, potentially limiting its appeal to a broader audience.
  • Negative Implication: By targeting Taco John’s, the campaign indirectly paints another restaurant in a negative light. This might lead to accusations of corporate bullying.
LeBron James Taco Bell advert
LeBron James Taco Bell advert

Despite these potential drawbacks, the campaign promises to be an interesting and unique blend of cultural, legal, and marketing interests. With the backing of LeBron James, Taco Bell’s endeavor to free ‘Taco Tuesday’ stands to become a pivotal moment in the evolution of trademark discussions around cultural phenomena. Whether this will end in a slam dunk for Taco Bell and LeBron James or a turnover in favor of Taco John’s, remains to be seen.

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