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The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and the grill is fired up – this can mean only one thing: summer is upon us! And what better way to celebrate the sunniest of seasons than with a soundtrack to match? Tillamook, the popular dairy brand, has rolled out the red carpet for the second volume of their playful and ingenious “Block Jams” campaign. This time, they’re serving up “Slices of Summer.”

The campaign, helmed by agency 72andsunny, is a collaboration between Tillamook and a diverse collection of musicians and influencers. These include Carter Vail, Joshua Williford, and Grace Hayes, who each offer a unique perspective and style to the project. The music, catchy and fun, is inspired by cheddar cheese and promises to leave listeners “absolutely melted.”

Director Oriol Barberà has crafted a campaign that both engages and entertains. It has a tone that’s as bright and fresh as a summer day. In this “Block Jams” edition, each tune showcases the creativity and personality of its artist, making for an intriguing blend of styles and genres.

The album’s tracks stand out individually yet work harmoniously like a well-assembled cheese platter. Carter Vail’s “Waves of Flavor” is a head-bobbing indie-rock treat that will have listeners dreaming of sunsets on the beach. Joshua Williford, better known as the @rappingchef, introduces his hip-hop-infused culinary creativity in “Cheese By The Slice.” Finally, @graceorsomething, aka Grace Hayes, rounds out the set with “Slice of You,” a song that encapsulates her sunny disposition and knack for inspiring joy.

Tillamook advert 2023 - Slices of Summer Grace Hayes
Tillamook advert 2023 – Slices of Summer with Grace Hayes


  • The “Block Jams” campaign successfully bridges the gap between food and music, creating a fresh and unique experience that will engage and delight audiences.
  • The diversity of the musical artists ensures a wide appeal, making it relatable to a broad range of listeners.
  • The campaign’s tone is fun and light-hearted, perfectly capturing the essence of summer and the joy of sharing good food with friends and family.


  • While the music is catchy and fun, the connection between cheese and the songs may seem a bit tenuous to some, potentially leading to confusion about the campaign’s message.
  • The campaign’s exclusivity to social media may limit its reach to certain audiences.
  • The album not being available for purchase in physical format might disappoint some fans who would love to own a tangible piece of this creative endeavor.
Tillamook advert 2023 - Slices of Summer Joshua Williford
Tillamook advert 2023 – Slices of Summer with Joshua Williford


Regardless, “Block Jams Vol 2: Slices of Summer” delivers an entertaining and cheesy (in the best way) take on summer vibes, adding a unique twist to the familiar summer anthem tradition. It’s a testament to Tillamook’s commitment to creative and engaging marketing strategies.

Tillamook advert 2023 - Slices of Summer Carter Vail
Tillamook advert 2023 – Slices of Summer with Carter Vail

Tillamook advert 2023 Cast

Who is Carter Vail

This multi-instrumentalist musician is a master of his craft. Known for his soothing indie rock tunes, Carter Vail’s music perfectly balances calm and energetic vibes, often blending catchy rhythms with thoughtful lyrics. His contribution to Tillamook’s “Block Jams Vol 2: Slices of Summer” is no exception. His track, “Waves of Flavor,” resonates with the energetic beach-side spirit of summer, making listeners feel like they are riding a wave of melody and cheese. When he’s not creating music with his band, Vail uses his talent to develop short-form comedy songs and videos, which have amassed millions of views on social media, demonstrating his versatility and widespread appeal.

Who is Joshua Williford

Known on social media as the @rappingchef, Joshua Williford combines his love for music and cooking into a unique blend of culinary hip-hop. He’s bringing his inventive “RAPcipes” to Tillamook’s “Block Jams Vol 2,” contributing the ear-catching “Cheese By The Slice.” His innovative recipe raps have already garnered millions of views and attention from celebrity chefs on social media platforms, and his inclusion in this campaign is sure to win over new fans with his fun and tasty rhymes.

Who is Grace Hayes

Grace Hayes is a versatile talent, a singer, songwriter, actress, and self-proclaimed accidental comedian. Her contribution to Tillamook’s “Block Jams Vol 2: Slices of Summer” – the uplifting “Slice of You” – showcases her ability to create inspiring content that brings joy and encourages individuality. Her music is just like her personality: full of warmth and authenticity. Whether she’s crafting a song or engaging with her followers, Hayes is dedicated to spreading kindness and fostering a sense of confidence to embrace individuality in her audience. Her track for Tillamook’s campaign encapsulates the breezy joy of summer, a testament to her ability to create resonant and relatable content.



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