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Tillamook Super Bowl 2023 ad

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Tillamook unveiled its Super Bowl ad 2023, a spot created by the advertising agency 72andSunny Los Angeles.

“Block Jams” features three TikTok creators dropping bold and epic music tracks inspired by their favorite Tillamook Cheddar products:

  • “Double Dippin’ With You” by Goodboy Noah is a track about the Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Block being so irresistible you can’t help but double dip.
  • “C.H.D.D.R.” by Carson Elliott, sings about how a sprinkle of Tillamook Farmstyle Sharp Cheddar Shreds makes nachos out-of-this-world delicious.
  • “Stack That Cheddar” by Grace Hayes is a bop about how Tillamook Farmstyle Sharp Cheddar Slices meet her high standards.
Tillamook Super Bowl 2023 ad

This campaign is about helping consumers to make the best possible choice for their game day spreads and hopefully we’re bringing a little joy through the power of music at the same time,” said Kate Boltin, Vice President, Brand Marketing, TCCA. “The ear-worm tracks on Block Jams, that we are so honored to have partnered on with these talented creators, not only underscore our uncompromising brand commitment to quality standards, but are meant to be fun reminders as shoppers peruse the grocery store aisles too.



An interesting campaign.

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