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In a captivating new advertisement titled “Pint-Sized Perfection,” Thatchers Cider has teamed up with the multi-Academy Award-winning studio Aardman. Thatchers Cider animated ad 2023 (Wallace & Gromit-inspired animation) is a delightful fusion of humor, creativity, and brand storytelling, taking viewers on a whimsical journey through the gates of Myrtle Farm, the home of Thatcher’s Cider.

The 40-second commercial introduces viewers to the meticulous cider-making process at Thatcher’s Farm, where obsessive attention to detail and a deep love for the craft are the order of the day. The narrative underscores the company’s commitment to quality, highlighted by their cultivation of a staggering 458 varieties of apples, a testament to their dedication and passion for their product.

One of the ad’s most memorable features is the unique “Apple Spa,” a concept that humorously personifies the apples as being pampered to ensure their happiness. This creative approach to showcasing the cider-making process is both engaging and compelling, piquing viewers’ curiosity about the product.

Thatchers Cider animated ad 2023 Apple Spa
Thatchers Cider – Apple Spa

The ad culminates with a hot air balloon landing at Myrtle Farm for the 12:30 tasting, where we meet the people who ensure the cider’s perfection. This scene, featuring Martin Thatcher himself, reinforces the company’s commitment to quality, as he ensures that the cider tastes perfect before it leaves the farm. This personal touch adds authenticity to the ad, making it more relatable to viewers.

baloon Martin Thatcher
Martin Thatcher landing with a hot air balloon at Myrtle Farm

The collaboration with Aardman brings a unique charm to the ad, with the Wallace & Gromit-inspired animation style adding a layer of warmth and familiarity. This nostalgic animation style and the ad’s music enhance the overall viewing experience, making it appealing to a broad audience.

Its high-quality production, engaging content, and exciting collaboration with Aardman suggest it is poised to gain traction in the coming days.

Martin Thatcher animated advert
Martin Thatcher animated advert


  • Engaging Storytelling: The ad effectively uses humor and creativity to tell the brand’s story, making it engaging and memorable for viewers.
  • Unique Animation Style: The collaboration with Aardman and the use of Wallace & Gromit-inspired animation adds a layer of charm and familiarity, appealing to a broad audience.
  • Brand Authenticity: The ad successfully communicates the brand’s commitment to quality and perfection, with Martin Thatcher’s involvement adding authenticity and relatability.


  • Limited Appeal: While the Wallace & Gromit-inspired animation is charming, it may not appeal to all demographics, particularly those unfamiliar with the characters.
  • Lack of Product Information: The ad focuses heavily on the cider-making process but provides little information about the cider itself, such as its unique selling points or taste profile.
  • Slow Pace: The ad’s pace, while suitable for the storytelling approach, may be considered slow by some viewers, potentially affecting engagement.


In collaboration with Aardman, Thatchers Cider’s “Pint-Sized Perfection” is a masterfully crafted advertisement that effectively communicates the brand’s dedication to quality and perfection. Its blend of humor, creativity, and brand storytelling, coupled with the charm of Aardman’s animation, makes it a standout ad that is likely to resonate with viewers and boost the brand’s visibility.

Thatchers Cider animated ad 2023
Thatchers Cider animated ad 2023



Engaging storytelling

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