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Publicis Middle East has partnered with KitKat for a lighthearted new advertising campaign, reminding individuals in Iraq to take a much-needed break before reaching the point of frustration or ‘snapping’. The campaign creatively leverages KitKat’s well-known humor while tapping into relatable, everyday situations that can easily provoke irritation.

The advertising campaign, aimed to appeal to a broad audience, has drawn upon scenarios that resonate with individuals universally while also reflecting the local nuances of the region. The well-identified scenarios include the exasperation of receiving online orders that are two sizes too small, the disruptive noise of vacuuming on a day off, a haircut has gone wrong due to a barber’s accidental slip, and the well-meaning but often irritating affection of overzealous aunts.

Brought to life through witty GoodPeople films directed by Omar Shawky, the campaign delivers a dash of humor and a resounding message that mirrors KitKat’s global brand ethos: Take a break. With this, KitKat aims to reinstate its position as a go-to choice for people seeking a moment of reprieve in their day.

While currently aired in Iraq, the campaign is set to be expanded to Morocco and various countries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, reinforcing the brand’s regional presence. These films are being disseminated through TV and digital and social platforms, aiming to reach various audiences.

The creative minds behind this campaign include several notable figures from Publicis Middle East, such as Chief Creative Officer Rafael Augusto, Creative Director Mohamed Bareche, and Senior Art Director Mohamed Youssef El Naggar. Ghaith Hamed, the Senior Brand Manager, and Bishara Touckly, the Brand Manager, have also played crucial roles in the creation and execution of this campaign.

Funny KitKat advert
Funny KitKat advert: Endless kisses deserve a KitKat break


  • High Cultural Relevance: The campaign ensures it resonates with the target audience by creating an advertisement with local annoyances and scenarios. This cultural relevance bolsters its engagement and effectiveness.
  • Humorous Approach: The humorous tone of the campaign enables it to effectively convey the brand’s message, making the ad memorable and enjoyable for the viewers.
  • Multi-platform Strategy: The campaign is aired on TV and digital platforms, ensuring a wider reach and higher engagement with various audience demographics.


  • Limited Appeal: While the ad might resonate well with local audiences, its appeal might be restricted due to the cultural specifics included in the ad. This could limit its global effectiveness.
  • Dependent on Cultural Understanding: The humor and scenarios presented rely on a good understanding of the cultural nuances of the region. This could potentially alienate viewers who do not understand these subtleties.
  • Risk of Stereotyping: The ad uses specific scenarios and characters (like the overzealous aunt) that might inadvertently perpetuate cultural stereotypes, which some viewers could see as insensitive or controversial.


With this innovative campaign, Publicis Middle East and KitKat have skillfully blended humor, culture, and iconic brand messaging to connect with audiences in a relatable and memorable way. By offering a humorous reflection of everyday annoyances, they’ve transformed moments of frustration into opportunities for a break, all while reminding people that a KitKat bar could be the perfect companion during those times.

Funny KitKat ads
Funny KitKat ad: Nightmares at the barbershop deserve a KitKat break


Agency: Publicis Middle East
Senior Brand Manager: Ghaith Hamed
Brand Manager: Bishara Touckly
Chief Creative Officer: Rafael Augusto
Creative director: Mohamed Bareche
Senior Art Director: Mohamed Youssef El Naggar
Senior Copywriter: Hani Mohsen
Art Director: Raef Baskharon
Business Lead: Maya Khammar
Account Manager: Jean Pierre Deaibes
Head of Strategy: Jala Fawaz
Head of Production: Shereen Mostafa
Senior Producer: Ahmed El Ruby
Production House: Good People
Director: Omar Shawky



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