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Ten best 3D OOH billboards

In the advertising industry, there is always something new on the horizon. One of the latest trends in outdoor advertising is 3D OOH billboards.

While 3D OOH billboards are not yet widespread, they are starting to pop up in major cities worldwide. And according to industry experts, they will only become more popular in the next few years.

Thanks to creatives, the 3D OOH will be able to create an even more realistic and believable experience for viewers. This will make them even more effective at catching people’s attention and getting their message across.

We curate the best ten 2022 3D OOH billboards, and our top five are:

  • Nike 3D OOH billboards
  • WhatsApp 3D OOH billboards
  • BMW 3D OOH billboards
  • Samsung 3D OOH billboards
  • Polo Ralph Lauren OOH billboards

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