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Dignity Denim: addressing plumber stereotypes

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In a clever marketing twist, the hardware store, Canac, has recently launched a delightful campaign that targets an enduring stereotype about plumbers – the infamous butt crack. Known for its knack for innovation and a profound understanding of its customers’ needs, Canac, in partnership with LG2, introduces Dignity Denim. This campaign represents a laudable effort not just to sell a product but to challenge prejudices and bring a sense of pride and dignity to a profession that’s often the butt (no pun intended) of jokes.

The Dignity Denim jeans are a unique product designed to protect the dignity of plumbers by ensuring their backside remains covered when they bend over. A first-of-its-kind, the jeans carry the promise of ‘helping for real’ – a slogan that Canac has lived up to with this initiative.

Canac’s marketing director, Patrick Delisle, underlined the company’s commitment to genuinely assisting its customers in all aspects. The introduction of Dignity Denim stands as a testament to this promise, showcasing how Canac went beyond traditional marketing strategies to deliver a product that addresses a real-world issue.

The 60-second video campaign is a humorous take on a fashion photo shoot featuring plumbers donned in Dignity Denim jeans. As they kneel and work without the concern of accidental overexposure, it’s clear that these jeans are a game-changer. They transform a typical working moment into a display of pride in their profession. The campaign has a tongue-in-cheek tone but also resonates with respect for plumbers.

Canac has strategically used this campaign to promote not just the jeans but also the plumbing profession as a whole. Luc Du Sault, LG2 Québec City’s partner, vice-president, and executive creative director, applauded Canac for embracing creativity to provide practical solutions while challenging prejudices related to the profession.

Dignity Denim campaign
Dignity Denim campaign

The Dignity Denim jeans, exclusively branded and designed by Canac, will be available to a select few in the coming weeks, and customers are encouraged to watch out for the pants’ release. This campaign is a brilliant example of how a company can address stereotypes head-on while positively changing its industry.


  • Challenging Stereotypes: The campaign humorously addresses and challenges an enduring stereotype about plumbers, promoting more respectful perceptions of the profession.
  • Practical Solution: The Dignity Denim jeans offer a practical solution to a real-world issue faced by plumbers, highlighting Canac’s understanding of its customers’ needs.
  • Creative and Engaging: The fashion photo shoot-style campaign is creative, engaging, and likely to attract attention and drive conversation.


  • Limited Availability: The campaign mentions that the Dignity Denim jeans will only be available to a select few, potentially causing disappointment among customers.
  • Potential for Mockery: Despite the campaign’s positive intent, it may inadvertently invite mockery given the humor associated with the ‘plumber’s crack’ stereotype.
  • Missing Direct Connection: The link between Canac’s broader product offerings and the Dignity Denim jeans is not directly established, which could cause some confusion about the brand’s identity.


Canac’s Dignity Denim campaign is a bold step in the right direction. It offers a solution to a practical problem and encourages a broader conversation about dignity in work. Canac continues to live up to its promise of ‘helping for real’ by delivering an innovative product that meets the needs of its customers in an unexpected yet delightful way.

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