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Few things define a generation, a lifestyle, and a cultural movement as powerfully as hip-hop. From its beginnings as an urban music genre to becoming a pervasive global phenomenon that has significantly impacted music, sports, fashion, and even beverages, hip-hop has arrived and is here to stay. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this ground-breaking genre, Sprite, a brand synonymous with hip-hop for over 35 years, has decided to make some noise with a star-studded, rhythm-infused TV spot, a delicious limited-edition drink, a concert tour sponsorship, and a summer full of surprises.

The Sound of Sprite’s Tribute

Sprite has always found a way to quench not just the physical thirst of its consumers but also their craving for music and cultural connection. This summer, Sprite pays tribute to the past, present, and future of hip-hop by featuring hip-hop legends and rising stars in an unforgettable TV commercial. Nas, Rakim, Latto, and GloRilla star in the ad, harmonizing the past with the present, the old-school with the contemporary. The TV spot remixes The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” – the first-ever hip-hop song to hit the Billboard Top 40 – producing a time-traveling symphony that pays homage to hip-hop’s profound impact over the last five decades.

A.P. Chaney, Creative Director for Sprite North America, said, “Sprite took a chance on hip-hop before it was cool and has always been of the culture, not only for the culture. We’ve shown up for both moments, big and small, amplifying the endless possibilities of the now-omnipresent hip-hop lifestyle and its profound impact on music, sports, and fashion. So, it’s only fitting that we pay homage to all hip-hop has been, is, and will be.” Indeed, Sprite’s hip-hop credentials resonate with authenticity and commitment, as they have embraced and supported the genre when it was not mainstream, solidifying their position as not just observers but active contributors to the evolution of hip-hop.

Sprite ad 2023 Nas, Rakim, Latto and GloRilla

The Taste of the Tribute

Quenching physical thirst with a unique twist is Sprite’s hallmark, and this tribute to hip-hop is no exception. In celebration of 50 years of hip-hop, Sprite introduces a new limited-time-only (LTO) flavor, Sprite Lymonade Legacy, a tasteful nod to the original, crisp, lemon-lime refresher. Inspired by fan requests on social media, Sprite’s take on strawberry lemonade offers a delicious combination of tried-and-true and something new. The LTO flavor will be available in various packages at retailers nationwide and exclusively in the fountain and frozen formats at 7-Eleven stores.

Sprite ad 2023 -The Look of the Tribute

For Sprite, the tribute to hip-hop is not just about sound and taste but also about the look. Original Sprite and Sprite Lemonade Legacy packaging will feature a fresh design celebrating 50 years of hip-hop. The design takes cues from summer and Sprite’s crisp, refreshing taste, as well as boomboxes, studio mixers, and other tech tools synonymous with hip-hop’s journey.

Sprite ad 2023 Nas Rakim Latto GloRilla

The Summer of Drops: Prizes, Giveaways, and More

The celebration extends beyond the TV spot and the limited-edition flavor. Sprite’s “Summer of Drops” campaign allows fans to access digital “drop shops” by scanning on-pack QR codes. These drop shops will include hundreds of giveaways, including exclusive content featuring Latto and Rakim and coveted merch like autographed Nas hats, GloRilla tour tees, a Latto gold

mic, and Rakim directorial slates from the TVC shoot. Speaking about this engaging initiative, Aaliyah Shafiq Ely, VP, the Sparkling Flavors Category, said, “Our ‘Summer of Drops’ focuses on our fans’ passion points – music, fashion, art, and entertainment – and draws inspiration from sneakerhead drop culture. The diverse array of prizes offers something for everyone to get excited about, and our overall campaign is the latest example of Sprite responding to what fans want with experiences and products.”

Sprite 2023 Nas Rakim Latto GloRilla commercial

Premier Partnerships and Concert Tours

On the event side, the celebration gets even more significant. Sprite is the lead beverage sponsor of Drake’s “It’s All A Blur” summer tour. This marks Drake’s first series of concerts in five years and continues a relationship with Sprite that started over a decade ago with the “Spark” multinational campaign in 2012 and continued with 2015’s “Obey Your Verse.” Additionally, Sprite offers experiential giveaways, including Rolling Loud Lifetime Passes and meet-and-greet tickets for the tour.

Sprite ad 2023 ft. Nas, Rakim, Latto and GloRilla

Sprite’s Longstanding Connection with Hip-Hop

Sprite’s association with hip-hop isn’t a recent phenomenon; it dates back to 1986 when rapper Kurtis Blow starred in the “Now More Than Ever” commercial, making him one of the first hip-hop artists featured in a mainstream ad. Over the years, Sprite has continued to deepen its commitment to hip-hop through various campaigns featuring popular artists and up-and-coming stars, thereby cementing its place in the annals of hip-hop history. The brand has also consistently used its platform to support creators and arbiters of hip-hop, such as the “Live From The Label” virtual concert series in 2021, which featured Latto, among others.

Sprite ad 2023 Conclusion

With its 50th-anniversary celebration of hip-hop, Sprite has again shown its commitment to supporting and championing genre-transcending boundaries and shaping popular culture over the past five decades. This multifaceted celebration promises to be a treat for hip-hop fans and Sprite consumers alike, offering a blend of nostalgia and novelty, music and merchandise, taste and tech. Here’s to the sound, taste, look, and feel of 50 years of hip-hop, as seen, heard, and celebrated through the lens of a brand that’s been a part of the journey from the start – Sprite.


  • Historic celebration: The campaign is a monumental celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, paying tribute to the genre’s enduring influence on popular culture.
  • Inclusive representation: The campaign encapsulates the genre’s evolution and future trajectory by featuring legendary and rising hip-hop artists.
  • Engagement through experience: The ‘Summer of Drops’ strategy leverages digital technology and the culture of exclusive drops, creating high engagement by offering unique experiences and giveaways for fans.


  • Limited-time product: The new LTO Sprite Lymonade Legacy is available only for a limited time. This could disappoint fans if the product is well-received and they want it to be a regular offering.
  • Exclusive giveaways: While exclusive giveaways create a buzz, they also mean many fans may miss out on the prizes, which could lead to disappointment and negative sentiment.
  • The complexity of QR code strategy: Despite their increasing popularity, some consumers may find scanning QR codes to access digital content a barrier, reducing the campaign’s reach.

Sprite ad 2023 cast


Nasir Jones, known to the world as Nas, is among hip-hop’s most respected and influential rappers. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, Nas burst onto the scene in 1994 with his debut album, “Illmatic,” widely regarded as one of the greatest rap albums ever. With his complex lyricism and deep storytelling, Nas paints vivid pictures of urban life, often grappling with poverty, violence, and survival themes. Throughout his career, Nas has released numerous successful albums, including “It Was Written,” “Stillmatic,” and the Grammy-winning “King’s Disease.” His contributions to hip-hop are undeniable, and his music inspires future generations.


Often referred to as “The God MC,” Rakim is a trailblazer in the world of hip-hop. Born William Michael Griffin Jr., Rakim and his partner Eric B. helped revolutionize hip-hop in the late 1980s with their groundbreaking album “Paid in Full.” Rakim is renowned for his smooth flow and complex lyrical style, which has profoundly impacted many future generations of rappers. Known for his intellectual theme and internal rhymes, Rakim’s work is often credited with elevating the art of rapping. His influence on the genre is profound, and he remains a revered figure in hip-hop.


Emerging from the Atlanta music scene, Alyssa Michelle Stephens, better known by her stage name Latto, is a young, vibrant, and highly talented rapper. She first gained recognition as the reality TV show “The Rap Game” winner in its inaugural season in 2016. Since then, Latto has released several successful singles and mixtapes, including “Bitch From Da Souf,” which was later remixed with Saweetie and Trina. Her distinct style, confident lyricism, and versatility mark her as a rising star in the hip-hop world, and she’s certainly one to watch in the coming years.


GloRilla is an emerging talent in the hip-hop landscape. Though there’s limited public information available on GloRilla, as of my knowledge, cut-off in September 2021, it is crucial to recognize that every artist’s journey starts somewhere. Being included in Sprite’s monumental campaign celebrating 50 years of hip-hop suggests that GloRilla is an artist with potential and a future in the music industry. It’ll be exciting to see how his career unfolds and contributes to the next chapter of hip-hop. Remember, many of today’s megastars were once unknown artists, and GloRilla could very well be the next big name in hip-hop.



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