WeatherTech: Tech Team

Named “Tech Team,” WeatherTech’s Super Bowl 30-second commercial was created by advertising agency Pinnacle Advertising. It’s the fourth consecutive year WeatherTech has advertised during the Super Bowl.

“We are continuing with our Super Bowl commercial investment to build on the momentum of the placements we have made over the last two years,” said David MacNeil, founder and CEO of WeatherTech. “We have witnessed a measured increase in WeatherTech brand recognition that has contributed to increased phone and Internet traffic helping us to another year of double digit sales growth. Buying time on the Super Bowl broadcast remains a very substantial investment for our 1,100 employee company. The demographic cross section fits our marketing strategy and reaching over 112+ million viewers who are just as interested in the commercial content of the broadcast as they are in the outcome of the game helps to make the investment justifiable.

This year’s spot again features actual WeatherTech employees from the Bolingbrook, Illinois factories

Made in America


The advert is well executed!

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