Alfa Romeo: Super Bowl 2017 TV Commercials

There are three commercials into the Alfa Romeo Super Bowl 2017 campaign:

“Riding Dragons,” a commercial created by advertising agency Art Machine (the above advert). The tagline is “You’ve always dreamt of flying cars. Your dream just became reality.”

“Dear Predictable”, a commercial created by advertising agency The Richards Group, Inc. The tagline is “Leave predictable behind. The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia stirs your soul, feeds your desires and delivers a permanent escape from monotony. The Alfa Romeo Giulia says goodbye to “Predictable.””

“Mozzafiato,” a commercial created by advertising agency Doner. Tagline: “To take one’s breath. The Alfa Romeo Giulia gives it back.”

All three commercials promote 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

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La meccanica delle emozioni


The Alfa Romeo campaign is beautiful. The Alfa Romeo car is beautiful, too.

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