Pornhub: “Lonely Night” Christmas advert

Pornhub unveiled its second Christmas commercial featuring famous characters from famous Christmas ads of years past like Spanish lottery and John Lewis – Man on the Moon. Pornhub Christmas advert was created by advertising agency Officer & Gentleman and it is SFW (safe for work). Following the success of last year’s spot, Pornhub is debuting another advertisement suitable for all audiences, offering a unique take on the traditional holiday commercial. Guaranteed to deliver holiday cheer, Pornhub is inviting all of its fans to have a horny little Christmas…

“After last year’s spot we decided we wanted our Christmas campaign to become a hallmark of the holiday season for the whole family,” said Corey Price, VP Pornhub. “This year we’ve gone big as we know Christmas ads are a big thing, so we’ve partnered with the new office of Caviar in Madrid and Twentyfour-Seven ( who are known for producing work for Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Honda, Super-bowl ads plus a whole lot more and famous for facilitating the biggest and most professional productions out there! “

The commercial is a Christmas tale that takes place in a “magical” miniature city where some of its inhabitants, for one circumstance or another, are stuck spending Christmas Eve all alone. Whether they’re working the late-shift, stood up for a Christmas dinner, at the dorm studying for exams, or have missed the last train home; The advert’s protagonists are having a pretty bad night. Up to this point, we could be watching a classic Coca-Cola or John Lewis holiday commercial, that is, of course, until a Christmas miracle happens and Santa saves them from the blues with the one thing that can truly cure a lonely night: Pornhub Premium.

And some of those lonely people might seem familiar; that’s because Pornhub decided to pay homage to some of the most popular, and lonely, characters from last year’s Christmas ads. Like a certain security guard working the late shift at a mannequin factory, a lovable old man with a certain interest in the moon, and a mischievous cat with the run of the house.

The campaign was created by Madrid-based creative agency “Officer & Gentleman” which has been working on Pornhub’s SFW advertising and strategy for the last two years and whose campaigns for the brand include the Wankband, Bangfit and last year’s X-mas ad. The spot was produced by Caviar and directed by Kinopravda with Glassworks taking care of the post production.

Agency: Officer & Gentleman
Creative Directors: Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño & Alex Katz
Agency Producer: Andy Stevenson
Client Services Director: Harry R. Francis
Art Directors: Alex Katz, Luis Álvarez, Daniel Marco Muñoz
Copywriter: Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño
Production Company: Caviar Madrid
Director: Kinopravda
Executive producer: Zico Judge & Alfonso Cazalilla
DOP: Bet Rourich
Production Manager: Xavi Vara
Postproduction: Glassworks Barcelona
Editor: Joan Solsona
Color artist: Xavi Santolaya
Casting: Lane Casting Barcelona
Sound mix: Oido
Music composition (“Lonely Night”): Palindromo Music

Have a horny little Christmas


Pornhub Christmas commercial become a tradition...

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