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As Low-Cost Kayaks Flood the Market, One Brand Reminds You Not to Get ‘Yakked Off’
Perception brings us a cross between an ultimate guide and a rip off spoof film with their new TV commercial “Yakked Off”. In this article, we are going to review this advert and give it scores out of 10 for various advertising criteria. Take a look at our scores and see if you agree with our first impressions!

The advert was created by the advertising agency Humanaut.

Memorability – 10 / 10

The ad is filled with good humor which does make it incredibly memorable. The humor is not slapstick or cheesy, but sharp and high quality. Many viewers will find themselves laughing out loud at several points in the clip which is certainly a key attribute that will help the ad stand out from the crowd.

Effectiveness 8 / 10

For those that have never bought a Kayak, this ad will be just as helpful as it is funny. New buyers will have no idea of the risk of lesser Kayaks and this piece opens eyes to the problem of shady, unreliable models in a fun and memorable way. Anyone that has bought a Kayak will immediately relate to the subject and fully appreciate the gags throughout. The concept does more than enough to sell the brand with multiple direct references and by coining a very clever term in “Yakoff”.

Style – 8 / 10

The comedic nature of the video means production value can be less than stunning. The clip is shot in a very clever documentative style which certainly helps to add deeper character to the clip. None of the jokes feel cheesy or over the top and great effort has gone into making sure all characters look “normal” as if they were approached without preparation. The mock Kayaks used as examples of “Yakoffs” are hilarious. A large variety of Yakoff examples are shown which helps the ad broaden its appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

The humor throughout the clip is of particularly high quality and very catchy. Many of the jokes are very simple and easy to remember which certainly helps with word of mouth. This bread of commercial, with non-stop comedic dialogue, is relatively rare. It’s actually a breath of fresh air to see such a concept play out over such a long clip. Perception has done extremely well to keep the genuine brand-made Kayaks looking great when shown throughout and to show a variety of situations where the Kayak makes an ideal transport option.

Execution – 9 / 10

A clever concept that has received great execution. The style of the shoot is perfect for the comedic value and the cast has been selected with care. The message throughout the clip is very clear and no viewers will feel lost by the content. Clear dialogue ensures the gags all work well with funny visuals that combine with the script perfectly. If we could ask for one thing more, it would be for the video to be even longer.

Good humor


The message throughout the clip is very clear.

Heart or Humor8.0
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