Delsey: What Matters is Inside

Buzzman Paris creates this touching animation commercial for Delsey. The advert promotes Delsey connected bags.

The marketing message is “A sensitive adventure story that reminds us that it is not the destination that is important, but the journey. And whatever life brings, it is important to experience it.”

Buzzman Paris describes this campaing:

DELSEY Paris unveils its new brand platform ” What matters is inside”.
Created by Buzzman, the European campaign about its connected suitcase invites you to disconnect more than ever.

In the manner of a tale, this animated film introduces us to the story of Simon, a young thirty-something whose life is punctuated by work. The sudden disappearance of his explorer father will take him to Mexico, on the trail of a suitcase with a mysterious content. But arrived on the spot, the suitcase has disappeared …

Thanks to the new connected and geolocalisable suitcase system launched by the French high-end luggage brand, the hero will be able to locate and follow the suitcase all over the world.

In contact with the spectacular landscapes of Vietnam, Mauritania, Nepal, thanks to some knowing encounters, we will follow the transformation of Simon. Traveling the world of emotions, the hero will do much better than discovering the suitcase: he will find himself.
A sensitive adventure that reminds us that it is not the destination that matters, but the journey. And no matter what life contains, you just have to live it.

The animated film, 3’30 long and directed by Against All Odds, to which we owe the animated film Justino, has been broadcasted on the web on April 30th and on Air France flights in the summer.




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