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The upholstery comes to life in Ikea’s new commercial, “Ghosts,” a commercial directed by Dougal Wilson. In this piece, we are going to review this lively new TV advert and give it scores out of 10 for various criteria. Check out our scores and see if you agree with our thoughts on this catchy new piece.
This IKEA TV advert was created by the advertising agency Mother, London and produced by Blink.
The music track is Come Baby Come by K7.

Memorability – 8 / 10

Ikea’s current campaign puts focus on the phrase “the wonderful everyday”, but this entry represents far more than the normality of everyday living, curtains, carpets, and linens come alive to give us a dance of freedom and cheer before shying away at the approach of the homeowners. The concept is lively, colorful and refreshingly strange. This makes it stand out far more than any of its predecessors from the campaign. Families as well as stay at home parents will love it for its vibrancy which will serve it well in regards to long-term memorability.

Effectiveness 7 / 10

If you have never seen a clip from this campaign before, this concept may seem even weirder in nature than those that have seen some of Ikea’s past commercials. People who are already familiar with Ikea’s current campaign will enjoy the new level of distinct character presented by this new entry. It’s not boring, slow or overly complicated. In contrast to most homeware adverts, this one is sharp, lively, full of creativity and wonderfully joyful in nature.

Style – 8 / 10

Ikea’s budget for these ads is clearly market leading. The choreography is great and the visual effects are flawless. The soundtrack remains attractive and bouncy throughout the clip which certainly helps to bring a good level of excitement to the vibe of the commercial. We don’t miss any dialogue explaining the context of the ad as we are far too busy enjoying the antics on display to care about sales objectives. When the human owners come back into the room at the end of the video, the context of the ad suddenly falls into place.

Heart or Humor – 9 / 10

This is certainly a very hearty concept. It is aimed at families and young homeowners who like to think of their rooms as environments that are full of life and meaning. The message is that “your habitat speaks volumes about you even when you’re away from it, so why not make it say something warm and cheerful”.

Execution – 9 / 10

Exceptional production value and catchy visuals make this concept come to life. We are not sad or disappointed at the lack of product selling. We found ourselves purely engaged with the ghostly upholstery as it danced and follies to remind us of what home should really mean. The lack of humor is also not at all an issue as far as we are concerned. Sometimes it’s good to just keep a clip simple by doing one thing and doing it well. That is exactly what Ikea has done here. It’s not overly artsy but at the same time, doesn’t feel like it lacks gravity or attraction. It is a quirky way to remind Ikea’s core target customers of the importance of vibrancy in the home.

The wonderful everyday


The main message is that the home is a key part of everyday life. I like the concept.

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 8.4

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