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KFC’s latest campaign takes a bold stance: sometimes, the customer isn’t always right, especially when it comes to their festive menu. This intriguing approach, highlighted in their recent commercial, underscores KFC’s commitment to its chicken roots despite customer requests for a turkey burger.

The campaign humorously addresses a long-standing customer request for a turkey burger on KFC’s festive menu. However, KFC, staying true to its identity as a chicken chain, has decided to remind its customers that chicken is their specialty, not turkey.

Kate Wall, Strategy and Innovation Director at KFC puts it succinctly: “Customers are always right, but not when it comes to switching out the chicken for turkey. We thank them for their input, but we’ll stick with the poultry we know and love.” This statement encapsulates the campaign’s essence, emphasizing brand authenticity and product consistency.

Embracing the crispy goodness of KFC's fried chicken in a metal basket.
No turkey burgers? Bold move, KFC!

KFC claims this campaign to be the world’s first anti-UCG (user-generated content) effort, boldly stating that they won’t succumb to pressures to deviate from their core product – chicken. This approach is a clever twist on the typical customer-centric narratives, showcasing KFC’s confidence in its product and brand identity.

A man is standing in a kitchen with a KFC turkey.
KFC’s anti-turkey burger stance this Christmas is funny!
  1. Brand Authenticity: The campaign reinforces KFC’s identity as a chicken chain, emphasizing their expertise and commitment to what they do best.
  2. Humor and Boldness: The approach is humorous and bold, making it memorable and likely to stand out in the crowded festive advertising space.
  3. Clear Messaging: The message is clear and direct, effectively communicating the brand’s stance on product offerings.
  1. Risk of Customer Alienation: Some customers might feel their preferences are being overlooked, which could lead to a negative perception.
  2. Limited Festive Appeal: The lack of a new festive product might be a missed opportunity to attract customers seeking seasonal variety.
  3. Niche Appeal: The anti-UCG stance, while unique, may not resonate with a broader audience unfamiliar with the concept.

KFC’s campaign is a refreshing take on the realm of festive advertising. By humorously rejecting the idea of a turkey burger and reinforcing their chicken expertise, KFC stays true to its brand and creates a memorable and distinctive campaign. This bold move, emphasizing authenticity over customer-driven changes, sets a unique precedent in the fast-food industry’s marketing strategies.




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